Leaves are falling and the nights are getting shorter; that spooky time of year is slowly crawling toward us, and it’ll soon be time for you to decide which Halloween look you’ll be going for this year! There are many costumes out there to fuel your decision, but it’s not always easy to decide the perfect Halloween hairstyle. To help you with this, we’ve put together for you the scariest celebrity hairstyles – because EVEN celebrities can sometimes get it wrong in their hair department! With the number of stylists and fashion experts looking after them, there’s really no excuse when getting it wrong. We’ve picked the top 4 worst celebrity hairstyles that were without doubt conversation starters:

Miley Cyrus


You would think that keeping a simple look is the way to go, but here is Miley trying to bring a punky look for the Met Ball – a look that is far away from cool and stylish.

Christina Aguilera


Dreadlocks with pops of turquoise in a strange up do? Not sure how we feel about this look… quite of a scary one, even on a beautiful artist like Christina Aguilera.

Nicky Minaj


Of course, Nicky Minaj couldn’t miss her chance to stand out! We’re unsure if Nicky is feeling the cotton candy or fruit salad look but we are definitely not craving this sweet hairstyle.



Ke$ha was certainly aiming to stand out at the American Music Awards. We like to think that Autumn is all about the natural looking & messy hairstyles, but this is not quite what we really meant!


We’re hoping to have inspired you to pick the scariest Halloween hairstyle this year. If you already have your look in mind, why not share it with us? Tag @nealandwolf on social media for a chance to be featured!

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