For most of us, mornings are a frantic time of the day with many things to do and very little time to get them done! Lack of time often means neglecting your beauty routine; but why do that when you can spend five minutes doing a quick and simple hairstyle that everyone will love? Getting your day to day hairstyle doesn’t have to be time consuming, here at Neal & Wolf we believe that hair should be your best accessory every day! Whether you’re at home, gym, university or on your way to work, we are here to give you a few useful tips on how to achieve a gorgeous and simple look!

 Add Volume


Add volume


People think that short hair is easy to manage, but sometimes it can be a bigger challenge than expected! One of the quickest ways to style short hair is by giving it the volume it needs. Turn on the curling iron while getting dressed – then do a few curls, brush it through, use some hair spray and you’re ready!


Braided Front

Braided Front

Whether you have a fringe or not, a braided front hairstyle would definitely work. French braid your front hair from one temple to another then secure the end using a few pins. Pull out small sections of hair from around your ears and use some hair spray to secure the look!


Add Accessories


Hair Accessories

Hair accessories have grown in popularity in the last few years. Isn’t it great that you can achieve an elegant look by just using a few hair clips? Divide the hair in two parts then straight or curl your hair. Pick your favourite clips or bobby pins, add them to one side and use some hair spray before you go!


Low Bun


Low Bun

The low bun is one of our favourite quick looks. For a low bun you need to part your hair in the middle and tie your hair into a ponytail. Twist your hair around itself and circle it up to form a bun. Finally, pull out small sections of your hair from each side of your face and you’re ready to go!


Now you have no excuses, get ready to look your best tomorrow morning! Share your best quick hairstyle with us, tag @Nealandwolf in your post!


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