Spring makes way for lighter colours, relaxed flowing hairstyles and fun dainty hair accessories. This year, fresh flowers, scalp bleaching and expensive hair colour will be some of the biggest hair trends we see.

With lighter nights on the horizon making way for more social plans, Laura Elliott, our Head of Education, has given her thoughts on the hairstyles set to bloom this season and how to recreate them.

1. Ribbons and bows

Hair ribbons blew up in popularity at the end of 2023; from the catwalk to the high street - bows are everywhere. With searches for bow accessories such as ‘Bow Bobble’ up by 550% on Google Trends, this style is staying on the top trends.

Bright and pastel-coloured bows and ribbons will be popular in spring, working to elevate any look. Bows are also getting larger; Lana Del Ray at the Grammys is a fitting example. They add an extra layer of detail to simple hairstyling. Once you’ve set your bow or ribbon in place, fix it with a spritz of hairspray to keep it looking gorgeous all day long. Laura recommends CONTROL Flexible Styling Hairspray

Ribbon & Bows

Image Source: Pinterest

2. Scalp bleaching

Scalp bleaching is all about one-tone, light blonde hair. This is popular as it is a well-known method to achieve very light tones of blonde, silver or even white. Unlike highlights, bleach is painted all over the entirety of the hair and scalp to achieve the most even hair colour possible from roots to tips.

As the days become lighter this season, so does hair. We see this trend a lot in Scandi looks. Bleached hair should be looked after with purple shampoo to keep brassy, yellow tones at bay. This keeps hair looking bright and salon fresh. Laura recommends BLONDE Purple Shampoo and Conditioner to neutralise brassy tones, for healthy-looking, brighter hair.

Scalp Bleach

Image Source: @amberpricehair 

3. Fresh flower hair accessories  

2024 is the year of hair accessories and spring is taking the onset of florals and incorporating it into hair. Fresh flowers are the newest craze and they can be expected to take over everyday hairstyles since being seen at Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

It is important to choose the flowers wisely to not damage hair, for example, avoiding thorned roses. There are also plenty of flower headbands and clips to participate in the trend without using real fresh flowers. This style can be achieved by having fresh or faux flowers weaved into hair, tucked into a bun, or even weaved into a plait. Perfect this look by using a lotion to help shape and hold your hair. Our FORM Sculpting Lotion adds shine and moisture whilst also adding a layer of texture. Browse: FORM Sculpting Lotion

4. The single-strand up do

This trend is all about exuding elegance and class; a simple up do with a singular strand pulled out at the front to frame the face. This trend has been used by famous names such as Victoria Monet and Sydney Sweeney, and is set to make a strong appearance this spring.

To create this trend, simply style hair in an up do of choice, it could be a ponytail or bun. Keep a small section or strand of hair from the front of your hairline separate whilst tying back your tresses to keep in front of your face. This style works best in a side parting. To go the extra mile, pair your style with a sweet spring scent like our signature AURA Hair Perfume and Body Fragrance. Lily, vanilla, orange blossom and white thyme come together in harmony to create the most dreamy scent!

5. Side part hair

The side part is making a strong comeback in spring after being replaced by the well-known middle part for a long time. This look is used in a variety of forms such as a slick side part, a curly bob on the likes of Zendaya or in an elevated updo.

To master this look, create a side parting by taking a thin handled comb and choosing how far to part your hair off centre. A good place to try is from the curve in your eyebrow. Using a thin handled comb will allow maximum precision to get a clear and defined parting. Our HYDRATE range is the perfect accompaniment for this style, using a blend of oils to leave your hair nourished and healthy-looking. Learn more: HYDRATE Moisture Collection

6. Expensive hair colour

This trend is all about having shiny, glossy, and healthy ‘expensive’ looking hair. This style is big on TikTok, with one video receiving 4.9 million views. With socialising levels set to soar in spring, expensive colour is a guaranteed way to impress.

Expensive colour is relatively simple to achieve - it is all about rich, deep, and glamorous colours. Chocolate brunettes and buttery blondes are tones commonly associated with this trend and the key to get the ‘expensive’ look is to maintain super healthy, shiny hair. For this, intensely moisturising masks like our HARMONY Intensive Care Treatment are essential, as well as hair oil such as our VELVET Nourishing Hair Oil, and protecting accessories like a silk pillow or head scarf to avoid breakage at night. Need help choosing your perfect hair colour? Read our blog: What Hair Colour Suits Me? A Guide to Choosing the Right Shade

 Expensive Colour

Image Source: @andrewsandjeakinscanvey

Which spring 2024 hair trends will you be following this season? Keep up to date with the latest news and seasonal hair trends on our blog: Hair Care Blog


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