Strawberry blonde hair is the warm new trend transforming the hair colour scene. In this blog, Laura Elliott, head of education here at Neäl & Wølf answers all your questions about this shade, including its links to ginger hair, rarity and how to create the look yourself.

1. What is strawberry blonde hair colour?

Strawberry blonde hair blends elements of blonde and red hair colours, resulting in a vibrant hue that can be compared to ripe strawberries. Often referred to as Venetian blonde, this colour uses pale, soft and warm tones to create a delicate sun-kissed appearance. There are different intensities of the strawberry blonde shade, so we would recommend sharing photos and other reference pieces with your stylists if choosing this look.

2. Is strawberry blonde hair ginger?

In short, no. Ginger hair and strawberry blonde hair differ in their base colours, undertones and overall appearance.

Ginger hair has a much deeper red base colour, leaning towards copper, auburn and brown. It also lacks blonde and golden hues, making it a lot darker than strawberry blonde hair. Ginger hair has bright, bold undertones of red-brown or red-oranges, unlike strawberry blonde hair, which is light, subtle and natural-looking.

Overall, ginger hair is eye-catching and striking in appearance, creating a dramatic look. Opposed to this, strawberry blonde hair gives off a warm and inviting vibe without being too intense.

3. How rare is strawberry blonde?

Natural strawberry blonde hair is very rare, as it contains a red hue. Only 1-2% of people have the red hair gene globally, so others must use styling such as hair dye to achieve this shade.

4. What skin tone suits strawberry blonde?

Strawberry blonde works best with cool skin tones as the red notes balance out the lighter tones. If you have a pink complexion, this hair colour is sure to complement your rosy cheeks. For more information on skin tone, read our blog: What Hair Colour Suits Me? A Guide to Choosing the Right Shade

What Hair Colour Suits Me

5. What’s the difference between cherry blonde and strawberry blonde hair colours?

In the same way that juicy strawberries and ripe cherries differ in colour, as do cherry blonde and strawberry blonde hair colours. Cherry blonde uses deeper red tones to create a colour that is almost pink. Strawberry blonde is more blonde than red, but cherry blonde is equal parts blonde and red.

6. Does strawberry blonde hair go grey?

If you have naturally grey hair and your dyed hair isn’t maintained, it will fade back to grey. However, natural strawberry blondes will never be grey! Their hair fades to blonde or white with age. This is because the pigment in the hair that causes it to be red will always remain, holding off those silver tones.

7. How do you achieve strawberry blonde hair colour?

Rather than opt for a strawberry blonde hair dye, we would suggest mixing an extra light blonde shade with a hint of copper. This allows you to create the perfect shade, individual to your needs. Use the blonde as a base, before weaving copper tones throughout to create a bright, beautiful look. To get the best results we would recommend referring to our Colour Shade Chart when discussing with your colourist. Find out more: Colour Shade Chart

9. Can you use purple shampoo on strawberry blonde hair?

The violet pigment in purple shampoo counteracts yellow and brassy tones, which can help keep your strawberry blonde hair looking its best. This keeps your shade light and pale, instead of deep and golden. View our range of purple shampoo solutions: BLONDE Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

Neal & Wolf Blonde Purple Brightening Shampoo & Conditioner

10. How do you maintain strawberry blonde hair?

Purple shampoo is just one of the ways you can look after your strawberry blonde hair. Whether you have natural or dyed hair, we’ve compiled a range of tips to help you to keep your hair looking great. Read on to find out more.

Hair washing and styling

After cleansing your hair using a pairing like our BLONDE Purple Shampoo and Conditioner, it’s onto drying. Use a protective spray to lock the moisture in your hair, keeping it silky, smooth and hydrated. Our GUARD Heat Protection Spray is the perfect choice, simply apply to wet or dry hair before styling. Next, dry your hair with our new HERØ Ionic Hairdryer, a fast and powerful drying tool that reduces your styling time. Seal your style in place with a blast of the cool shot, leaving your locks shiny and fresh.

Final tips

Secure your style with a holding hairspray like our CONTROL Flexible Styling Hairspray, keeping every strand in place. Then, complete your sweet strawberry style with a summer scent. Our AURA Hair Perfume & Body Fragrance combines Orange Blossom and White Thyme, with elements of Lily and Vanilla. Just spritz over your hair and body for a beautifully natural scent that lasts.

Strawberry blonde hair is magnificently unique in its own right, separate to colours like ginger and cherry blonde. Looking to browse more hairstyles? Read our blog page: Hair Care Blog