From buzzing beehives to bouncy blowouts – we delve into the most popular magazine front cover styles and show you how to recreate them at home.

As the nostalgic hairstyle renaissance continues, we have launched our 100 Years of Hair report that analyses a century of stunning magazine front covers to reveal the most popular hairstyles. And which one came out on top? Platinum blonde of course, a favourite among the celebrities and is still hugely popular today.

For the rest of the top 10 and how to get the looks at home, read on below.

100 Years of Hair

Our 100 Years of Hair report collects data from 385 covers in the archives of four leading fashion and beauty publications – Vanity Fair, Glamour, Tatler and Vogue - to highlight the most popular front cover hairstyles of the last century.

We conducted this research to learn more about the journey of hair styles and to see how these trends are created, how they change and how they re-occur over time. Results show that many of the popular hairstyles of today, that we now follow on TikTok, were popular up to 100 years ago.

The most popular hairstyles of the last 100 years according to magazine covers

  1. Platinum
  2. Side-swept hair
  3. Middle part
  4. Pixie cut
  5. Wispy updo
  6. Chin length bob
  7. Slick back
  8. Beehive
  9. Side fringe
  10. Blowout

In first place: Platinum blonde

Fans gasped when they saw Kim Kardashian’s transition from her dark locks to the silvery shade that continues to trend with over 491 million views on TikTok. With celebrities such as Kim K still sporting the look today as well as Rhaenyra in The House of the Dragon, it is clear to see the influence of past hairstyles with platinum blonde accounting for 15% of magazine front cover styles from the last 100 years making it the most popular.

It’s common belief that the key to maintaining platinum blonde is purple shampoo and while that is still important don’t let your ends frazzle and snap off, keep your hair healthy with our Harmony Intensive Care Treatment or our Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil which will transform rough unruly hair into more healthy-looking nourished hair.

Platinum blonde hair

(Salon Glo, Blackpool - Poppy Harrison)

The side-swept hair

Sweeping through to second place is the side-swept hair which was featured on 12% of front cover styles. A casual choice, the side-swept hair is super popular now with 9.3 million TikTok views of tutorials for this style.

The secret tip to getting side waves starts while you’re in the shower, with our Amplify Volumising Shampoo your hair will be enhanced creating volume without build up for a gorgeous, glossy lift. Finish off with our Dry Texture and Finishing Spray to build hold and then you’re ready to go.


Side swept hair

(South Lakes Salon, Lake District - Robyn Watson)

The middle-part

In third place is the middle part, this simple but elegant hairstyle can be worn in many ways such as straight or curly. First featured in 1934 and photographed on 8% of front cover hairstyles, the middle part is a timeless style you can recreate depending on face shape and hair texture. We recommend a middle part to people with a round face as it helps to sharpen the roundness creating a nice balance.

Middle parting

(Willows Hair, Gosford - Olivia Jayne)

The pixie cut

Predicted to be one of the biggest trends of 2023 is the pixie cut as seen on Emma Watson. To achieve the pixie cut with perfectly placed wispy bangs it is important to consider using a good styling cream. Try the Silk Smoothing Blow Dry Balm, this will put an end to any tangles and frizz for sleek, straight and silky smooth hair. Perfect for styling the pixie cut.

Pixie hair cut

(Willows Hair, Gosford - Liv Hart)

Wispy updo

If you have fine, thin hair this one is for you as a wispy updo can be achieved using these simple tricks. Using a curling iron or wand will give your hair added volume and texture needed to achieve a fuller and volumized look, add Texture and Finishing Spray to your roots to get even more volume as this adds grip making your wispy updo last all night.


Wispy hairstyle

(Scarlett’s Hair Studio, Halifax - Scarlett Woodhead)

Chin length bob

Whether you opt for Hollywood waves or the subtle choppy look there’s a bob style for everyone. It’s easy to maintain too, after washing your hair add a small amount of volumizing mousse to palms. Massage evenly from root to tip, and then blow-dry to create maximum lift or alternatively leave to dry naturally.

Chin length bob

(Scarlett’s Hair Studio, Halifax - Scarlett Woodhead)

Slick back

The slick back look accounts for 6% of front cover hairstyles so has clearly been a popular choice over the last century and celebrities like Zendaya are still rocking it today.

To complete this look, find the balance between wet and dry - adding product to soaking wet or bone-dry hair will make styling difficult. Instead wait until your hair is about halfway dry and add the products. For a sleek and shiny finish there are an array of products to choose from, however our favourite is our FIX Hold & Shine spray – perfect for keeping your look in place all day long with incredible shine.


Beehives defined the era of the early 1960’s and have remained an iconic hairstyle ever since with artists such as Adele and Beyonce styling them on the red carpet. The key to achieving a gravity defining beehive is by essentially turning your hair into a nest, begin by backcombing sections, sculp your shape using a thin layer of hairspray and secure once you’re happy with the look and position of the hair.

Beehive hair style

(Salon Glo, Blackpool – Nicola Smith)


Side fringe

Not much can go wrong with styling a side fringe but there are a few dos and don’ts. Firstly, after washing your hair, dry the bangs before the rest, then blow dry in the opposite direction to achieve volume and lift. If you have thin hair and require more volume you can use a volumizing mousse to give hair long-lasting and durable hold whilst enhancing body and shine.

Bouncy blowout

When you think blowouts, think volume and to achieve this you need a good volumizing mousse that gives hair a long-lasting bounce. Using a mousse can go wrong if not used correctly. Begin with lightly towel or damp air-dried hair, shake the mousse, add a small amount to palms, massage evenly into hair from root to tip, and blow dry immediately. Leaving the mousse to sit in the hair causes unwanted frozen kinks.

Bouncy blow out hair style

(Scarlett’s Hair Studio, Halifax - Scarlett Woodhead)

When were the most influential decades?

You may think you’re walking around with a trendy new hairstyle, but our report reveals that the 1930s, 50s, 60s and 70s were the most influential eras for hair trends so chances are you’re rocking a hairstyle that’s 100 years old, with the top 10 deriving from these periods.


Have you tried recreating any of these looks? We'd love for you to share them and tag our social @nealandwolf and you could feature on our page!


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