Skin tone, eye colour, personality and maintenance are all important factors to consider when choosing the right hair colour for you. In this blog, Laura Elliott, Head of Education at Neäl & Wølf shares the factors to consider, the variety of different hair colours, and how to look after them.

Understanding skin tone

Skin tone is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right hair colour. Understanding the variety of tones in your skin can be the difference between the most flattering hair colour and one that washes you out.

Skin tone and skin colour are different, as skin tone is concerned with the muted colour beneath the skin. Warm undertones are characterised by yellow, peachy or golden hues, whereas cool undertones have hints of blue, pink or purple. Neutral undertones have a mix of warm and cool tones. There are a variety of ways to determine your skin undertone. These include:

Check your veins

Look at your veins in natural light. If they are blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. If they are greener, you have a warm skin tone. If you can’t tell whether your veins are blue or green, it is likely you have a neutral skin tone.

White vs cream

Try on a white top and a cream top. Which complements your skin tone best? If it’s white, you have cool undertones. If cream, you have warm. If both complement your skin equally, you have neutral undertones.

Matching your eyes

Although skin tone is the crucial factor in choosing the best hair colour for you, eye colour can also be considered. Certain hair colours can bring out your eyes to make them more striking and noticeable.

To create the effect of bright and intensified eyes, you should choose a hair colour that contrasts with your eye colour. For instance, black hair makes blue eyes appear even bluer, red hair can enhance green eyes and blonde hair adds depth to hazel eyes.

Let your personality shine

Ultimately, your hair colour must be right for you - it should make you feel your best self. Choose a colour that creates confidence, style, and brilliance, whether you opt for bright and bold, or a more subtle shade.

You should also consider your own personal style. You might consider whether you’d like to stand out from the crowd, or what colour clothing you wear. For example, if your wardrobe is loud enough to dazzle, you might not opt for a striking statement colour like bright red.

Now that we have highlighted three of the key considerations for choosing the hair colour that suits you the most, we’ll venture into the colours themselves. Read on as we explore blonde, brown, red tones.

Will blonde hair suit me?

Blonde is a versatile hair colour that comes in a selection of shades, from platinum to caramel. This tone is said to give a sense of youthfulness, conveying optimism and positivity. People with blonde hair are often perceived as carefree, adventurous, and fun-loving. Think this colour is for you? Below, we’ve explored the different shades of blonde and what they mean.


Platinum blonde

This is one of the lightest shades of blonde, with white tones mixed in with the colour. This shade is best suited for those with cool undertones, adding edginess and modernity to your look. Platinum is quite a high-maintenance colour to keep your hair looking fresh. Read on as we share our styling tips.

Teddy bear blonde

This hair colour combines brunette with honey blond to create a dimensional look. This shade works best on people with medium-warm toned skin, as the gold shade will highlight the warm tones within your skin. This combination will give the effect of a sun-kissed glow, the perfect option for those seeking a vibrant appearance. Read more about this colour: Trending: Teddy Bear Blonde

Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde is an ideal shade that flatters light skin tones as the light, warm red hues counteract the cooler tones found in pale skin creating a warmer look. Strawberry blonde works especially well if you already have light blonde hair, as adding a tint of strawberry will help to switch up your style. This is the perfect shade for a rosy complexion as it brings out a healthy glow to the skin.

Will brown hair suit me?

From light brown to dark brown, brunette shades are available in a plethora of tones. People who have brown hair are said to be stable, reliable and practical. This colour doesn’t draw too much attention, which conveys a sense of being down-to-earth and approachable.


Caramel brown

Caramel brown is a really flattering colour for dark complexions as the golden undertones work with the toasty caramel colour for a brighter look. Adding caramel highlights to your hair will also create the illusion of shine, making the hair look healthier.

Mocha chocolate

Mocha chocolate is a deliciously deep brunette hair colour with hues of red. This shade works best on people with warm skin tones, as the warmth of the hair colour draws out the undertones of the skin. This creates an illuminating effect that will give you a magnificent glow. Find out more: 5 Delicious Reasons to Consider the Mocha Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate Mauve

This hair colour combines a dark chocolate brunette with peachy rose gold hues to create a layered look full of depth. This subtle shade matches well with warm complexions, but more pink tones can be applied in the dying process to bring out cooler toned skin. Learn more about this hair colour: Chocolate Maud: The Tastiest Hair Trend

Chocolate Syrup

Hailey Bieber's first hair transformation of 2024 was this deep, luscious brown hue, with undertones of warmth, perfect if you have a complexion of cool undertones. Style with smooth, sleek face-framing layers like Hailey to give a nod to the early 2000s.

Will red hair suit me?

Red hair is known for its fiery and eye-catching allure. From vibrant coppers to deep burgundies, red hues can be a bold statement or a subtle enhancement. Red hair conveys passion and energy, with wearers not afraid to stand out and embrace their individualism. Are you brave enough to take on this style?


Cowgirl Copper

Also known as cowboy copper, cowgirl copper blends deep red copper shades with rich brunette hues. The heat from the copper colour harmonises with warmer skin tones, adding intensity to your look. Copper can fade quicker than darker hair, so needs care and attention to be its best. Read more: Trending: Cowgirl Copper Hair Colour


Auburn hair mixes brown and red colours to create a distinctly lurid look. It is one of the most versatile colour shades, as it neutralises pink hues in cool skin tones and warms up deeper tones. It provides a rich and sophisticated look that leaves an impression on anyone around you.


Named after the colour of French red wine, burgundy hair is a combination of red and blue shades. This can be compared to plum and violet notes and works best with neutral to warm skin tones. When this colour fades it can also look flattering, turning to a luscious purple.


How do I maintain different hair colours?

To choose the best hair care routine for you, factors like hair style, type and colour need to be considered. There are a variety of methods to implement to keep your hair looking shiny and fresh.

Hair washing

No matter what your hair colour, you should opt for a shampoo and conditioner that isn’t damaging to your hair. Our collection features a Shampoo and Conditioner duo for everyone, whether you’re looking for daily use, volume, repair, hydration or brightening. If you’re looking to add volume and hold to your hair, opt for a solution like our AMPLIFY range: AMPLIFY Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner

For a complete moisture fix we’d recommend pairing your hair washing routine with a hair mask. Our MOISTURE collection locks in hydration, reducing frizz and highlighting your hair’s natural shine. Find out more: HYDRATE Moisture Collection

For blonde, grey or lightened hair, purple shampoo should be a staple part of your hair care routine. Purple shampoo contains a violent pigment, which neutralises yellow and brassy tones, keeping your hair looking its best. Alongside blonde and whiter hair colours, purple shampoo also works on red hair to keep brassy hues at bay when it starts to fade. View our range: BLONDE Purple Shampoo and Conditioner


Hair drying doesn’t have to mean removing moisture from your hair. Before blow drying, coat your hair with a protection spray like our GUARD Heat Protection Spray. A film-forming polymer keeps cuticles hydrated during styling, keeping them soft and smooth. Find out more: GUARD Heat Protection Spray

To avoid damaging your cuticles, dry your hair with a hair dryer from root to tip. You should also progressively turn down the heat as your hair dries, to stop prolonged exposure to higher degrees which can damage hair. Don’t forget to also finish your blow dry with a cool shot to lock your hair in place. Find out more about our new hairdryer: HERØ Ionic Hairdryer

Final touches

No matter your hair colour, a touch of shine can create a glossy look. This works especially well on darker hair, as it gives it the illusion of a touch of light. Distribute a shine spray evenly over hair to smooth hair, reduce static and control frizz. Browse: GLOW Super Shine Spray

Once you’re happy with your hair look, fix your style in place with a holding hairspray. This keeps your hair looking its best all day long, then you simply brush out when ready to restyle. Learn more: CONTROL Flexible Styling Hairspray

We hope we’ve helped you to choose the best hair colour for you. Need more inspiration for your next hair colour? View our colour chart: Hair Colour Chart