Burgundy hair is the bold new colour trend painting the town red. Often with no need for bleaching, a selection of hues and even a flattering fade colour, it’s no wonder this colour is a firm favourite. In this blog, Laura Elliott, head of education here at Neäl & Wølf answers the most frequently asked questions about the versatile, vibrant colour.

What is burgundy hair?

The burgundy colour is inspired by the rich red wines of Burgundy in France. The hair colour uses a perfect blend of red and blue shades to create a vibrant, warm shade that is sure to make a statement. There are a variety of different burgundy shades, so we’d recommend sharing a reference piece with your colourist if choosing this look.

Burgundy Hair

Which burgundy hair colour is best?

The beauty of burgundy hair is that it can be adapted to your preference. Turn heads with a brighter shade or create an air of expensive colour with darker brunette hues. Speak to your hairstylist to select the best shade for you.

How to get burgundy hair

To master burgundy hair, your colourist can mix red hair dye with a touch of blue to create a violet look. This can then be darkened with brown hair dye. Alternatively, your salon may have a ready-mixed burgundy hair dye, such as those found on our colour chart. It’s important to note that there isn’t a ‘one colour fits all’, the formula your stylists create will be entirely dependent on your hair type, condition and starting point. Find out more: Hair Colour Chart

What skin tone is best for burgundy hair?

Burgundy hair can be paired with a selection of skin tones, but neutral to warm tones work best with this colour. For example, the underlying violet tone tends to especially compliment olive-toned skin; this is due to purple and green sitting opposite to each other on the colour wheel, making them complimentary to one another. Learn more about choosing the best colour for you: What Hair Colour Suits Me? A Guide to Choosing the Right Shade

Will burgundy show up on brown hair?

Yes! Burgundy is a popular choice for natural brunettes looking to add depth and vibrancy to their hair. Depending on the depth of your chosen burgundy shade, applying over the top of your existing brown hair may be achievable, removing the need for bleaching.

What colour does burgundy fade to?

As you don’t always need to bleach your hair to achieve this look, burgundy tends to fade subtly, without drastic colour fading. The faded colour can be a flattering look in itself, allowing your hair to appear gorgeous for longer. This adds another level of reasoning to opt for burgundy hair dye.

How do you maintain burgundy hair?

Burgundy hair thrives when shiny, bright and well-cared for. Below, we’ve listed the best ways to keep your colour looking expensive. Read on to learn more.


The right hair washing routine can really revitalise your tresses. The best way to prevent colour fade is to keep hair hydrated and protect it from heat damage. We’d recommend our HYDRATE range of products which work together to leave hair looking shiny and healthier. Our HYDRATE Moisture Hair Mask locks in moisture to hydrate hair in just one use. Browse the selection: HYDRATE Moisture Collection




After washing, lightly spritz MIRACLE Rapid Blow-dry Mist through the mids and end of damp hair. The nourishing ingredients work to smooth flyaways and frizz whilst also helping to protect against the dangers of heat damage. Blow dry from root to tip with our HERØ Ionic Hairdryer.


A shine spray is perfect for adding a glamorous finishing touch. Distribute evenly over your hair for an intense, lasting shine that adds a multi-dimensional glow to your look. Browse our solution: GLOW Super Shine Spray

Now that you know all about burgundy hair, you’re ready to head to your stylist. You’ve got the colour nailed, but what about your next cut? Learn more about the latest style: The Butterfly Haircut

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