Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 12.18.18   When it comes to seasonal hair colours, some shades are more quintessentially ‚ÄòAutumn' than others. Pumpkin spice and hot caramel come to mind. Now a hot new hue has joined the autumn line-up: chocolate mauve. This alluring combination of milky brunette and blushing pink is the creative brainchild of Brooklyn hair colourist Hannah Edelman. She posted it to her Instagram account and suddenly everyone wants chocolate mauve hair. The great news is that getting it is a breeze: ask your stylist to apply light brown hues around your face, followed by light pink and mauve shades on your top layers and chocolate brown throughout the lower ones. He or she will take sections of your hair and paint them into a modern balayage. If you have a light complexion, ask for an extra helping of mauve, as the colour looks absolutely stunning against pale skin. If you're a brunette, chocolate mauve was literally made for you. Edelman says that she created the breakthrough colour by strategically mixing Pravana Vivid colours together, and then coming up with five different shades that blended in with her client's brown roots: a deep brown, a warm mid-strength brown, pure mauve, and two different types of pink. The darker finish gives chocolate mauve a subtle effect, but if you're looking to go more dynamic, try mixing in a plethora of brighter pink shades to add some more fun and individuality to your style. By concentrating the light pink and mauve shades on the top and letting the colour deepen into the deep brown at the ends, chocolate mauve follows a naturally-occurring light-dark gradient, making it the perfect blend of natural and avant-garde. A hair colour that looks as divine as its name sounds. All right- we're in!

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