After being coined by a celebrity stylist in recent years, mocha chocolate brown is the hair colour that everyone is talking about. In this blog, Laura Elliott, head of education here at Neäl & Wølf shares how to maintain this shade, the benefits of the colour and whether or not it will suit you.

What is mocha chocolate brown hair colour?

Mocha chocolate brown is a hair colour that has all the right connotations. It is a rich and lavish brunette shade, with warmer undertones to bring a multi-tonal, dimensional look to the hair. This expensive looking colour is beautifully glossy, providing the appearance of healthier-looking locks.

What is the difference between chocolate and mocha hair?

Chocolate hair colour is a dark, cocoa shade, similar to the tones found in dark chocolate. It is almost black, but not quite. In contrast, mocha takes inspiration from the rich and earthy tones of the drink. It is lighter than the chocolate shade, sitting between caramel and dark brown.

When these colours are combined together, the chocolate and mocha hair colour is created. Similarly to if you were to melt a bar of dark chocolate into a hot cup of mocha, the colours make a rich, dark brown shade. The mocha tones bring depth, warmth, and can even create the illusion of a bright shine when applied in highlights.

What skin tone does mocha chocolate brown hair colour suit?

This colour can match a variety of skin tones but works particularly well with people that have warm undertones in their skin, such as yellow, peach or golden. This combination works so well because the warmth in the mocha chocolate shade works in harmony with the warm undertones of this skin type. The effect of this blend is a look that is balanced, radiant and flattering.

Why should you consider mocha chocolate brown hair colour?

Mocha chocolate brown is one of the most popular colours of the moment. Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite reasons to contemplate choosing this glossy shade.

1. Timeless appeal

Despite being famously coined by Bella Hadid’s stylist Jenna Perry in 2021, mocha chocolate brown hair is here to stay. It is still a favourite amongst colourists, as its versatility means that the colour remains popular and fashionable across different seasons and trends.

2. Creates the natural look

The bright mocha tones give the illusion of light hitting the hair, creating shine. As brown is also a colour that can occur naturally, mocha chocolate can be perceived as a classic choice. This gives the impression of healthy locks, enhancing your overall look without appearing too bold.

3. Fits any occasion

As mocha chocolate brown has a degree of neutrality, the colour won’t clash with anything in your wardrobe. The dark hair shade can also adapt to different hairstyles, complimenting anything from beach waves to the pixie cut.

4. Gives an edge of sophistication

Mocha drinks and chocolate are both indulgent treats, linking to connotations of luxury. This quality transfers into the hair colour, giving the impression of splendour. It is therefore unsurprising that mocha chocolate brown has been embraced by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Zendaya, who have recently been inspired by the trend.

5. Low maintenance

Brunette hair is one of the easiest colours to look after. It takes longer to fade than other colours like blonde and red hair and in most cases, you can go eight to twelve weeks without needing a touch-up. This said, there are plenty of ways that you can keep your hair looking its best! Read on to find out more.

How do you maintain the mocha chocolate brown hair colour?

Mocha chocolate brown hair looks at its best when it is properly cared for. Alongside visiting a colourist on occasion, there are a variety of methods to implement at home to maintain a healthy shine.

Hair washing

Choose shampoo and conditioner that adds moisture to the hair, preventing it from drying out and becoming dull. For complete hydration, we would recommend pairing this routine with a hair mask. Our MOISTURE range is perfect for this purpose as it is designed to lock in shine and keep hair looking healthy. Find out more: HYDRATE Moisture Collection


After washing the hair, it’s time to dry! To keep your hair well-hydrated whilst blow-drying, use a protective spray like our GUARD Heat Protection Spray. The Meadowfoam seed oil also promotes a glossy look. Next, dry your hair from root to tip and add a cool shot to hold the hair in place. Learn more about our new hairdryer: HERØ Ionic Hairdryer

Finishing touches

Lastly, use a shine spray evenly over dry hair. Not only does this leave hair looking polished, but it also helps to smooth hair, control frizz and reduce static. Browse our GLOW Super Shine Spray.

With a string of benefits including low maintenance, the mocha chocolate brown hair colour is set to continue to soar in popularity. Need more hair inspiration? Browse our blog: Hair Care Blog


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