Last year saw the rise of copper hair, as the colour trend went viral across TikTok. Developing throughout the year, we saw different variations of copper arise, from ‘lived in copper’ and ‘bright copper, to ‘plum copper’ and ‘fiery copper’. This autumn, ‘cowgirl copper’ (also known as cowboy copper) is having its moment, with the hashtag #cowboycopper accumulating 104 million views on TikTok.

Laura Elliott, head of education here at Neäl & Wølf, shares what to ask your hairdresser to get the viral tone and how to maintain it all autumn winter season.

What is cowboy copper and how to achieve it?

Laura explains “’Cowboy copper’ is a true warm copper tone, incorporating a blend of deep copper and red hues with rich brunette undertones to create the perfect autumnal and wearable copper colour.”

To get the look, she advises taking in reference pictures for your stylists to work off, saying “Each client’s starting point is totally different and therefore they will each require a different colour formula to achieve a similar outcome, this is why reference pictures or mood boards are super important.”

She further states that colour trends are not a ‘one size fits all’, and that whilst it’s good to have a general idea of the colour you’d like when booking a salon appointment, it’s best to be open minded should your hairdresser suggest a variation of the desired tone.

“Certain hair tones sit differently depending on the tone of your skin, but the beauty of copper is that there are a multitude of wearable undertones for each person. ‘Cowboy copper’ sits beautifully on deeper skin tones, whilst olive skin tones will want to incorporate a slightly more golden caramel hue, and cooler skin tones will look best with a bit more red.”

How to maintain cowboy copper hair colour?

Laura explains, “Any variation of copper can be high maintenance and fades quickly compared to darker colours, such as rich brunettes or jet blacks. Coppers, especially in the summer months when exposed to UV rays, will require toning every six to eight weeks depending on the intensity of the copper colour and your previous hair colour. This is something to bear in mind when switching up your colour. To help condition your copper hair in between salon appointments and maintain its vibrancy, I recommend using HYDRATE Moisture Mask or VELVET Nourishing Hair Oil"


Stylists share their Cowgirl Copper Colour Formulas

Are you counting down the days to your next salon appointment ready to transform your tresses into this stunning colour trend? We're here for you and have some professional colour formulas you can take with you as your #hairinspopic

@headsabove (first image below) used Neal & Wolf Colour: 88/34 + 9.33 + 0/11, 10% Vol. Styled using Miracle Rapid Blow Dry Mist, Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil & Control Flexible Hair Spray

@hairbymilliescott (bottom left) used Neal & Wolf Colour 7.0 + 7.4 (roots) and 7.4 + 88.34 on the lengths & ends.

For more colour inspiration, follow us on Instagram @nealandwolf.

*Please note: the formulas are guides/inspiration. The end result will depend on the hair's natural depth, percentage of white, texture, porosity, density, previous colour, hair condition and level of lift achieved.

Cowgirl Copper Hair Colour using Neal & Wolf


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