“Teddy Bear Blonde” is the colour trend that is ready to take you into 2024. With over 90,000 views on TikTok, this style is the perfect mix of blonde and brunette, creating a warm and cosy shade of blonde, seen on celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna.

Laura Elliott, who has over a decade experience working in the hair industry and our head of education here at Neäl & Wølf, has done all the hard work and explains how to achieve the look.

What is “Teddy Bear Blonde”?

Laura explains “This hair colour trend features a light shade of brunette with honey blonde hues throughout (think of the traditional fluffy teddy bear). The name reflects the cosy and warm feeling you get with this hair colour. The hair is a dimensional look, full of different shades of caramel and honey blonde tones nestled between sandy and chocolate lowlights full of life.”

It’s quite unique to achieve the balance of warmth, “We would advise avoiding any colours with ashy or orange tones. With the complexity, it’s best to ask a professional on how best to achieve the look.”

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TOP TIP: Every salon is different and uses different hair products, so referencing a formula posted on TikTok may be useful to some hairdressers but may not be to others.

Laura further comments: “If a low maintenance look is your goal, colour matching your roots is a perfect alternative. This can be achieved by asking for the root drag to match your natural roots. If you’re aiming for the textbook look - ask for a milk chocolate brown root drag”.

TOP TIP: Always take a photo for your hairstylist! Teddy Bear Blonde is a complicated but stunning look, so for the benefit of yourself and your hairstylist, a reference image can help create the picture-perfect look.

Teddy Bear Blonde Hair Colour

What you need to consider when achieving the ‘Teddy Bear Blonde’

Bleach can damage hair - hair masks and oils such as Neäl & Wølf’s Harmony Intensive Care Treatment  and Nourishing Hair Oil  are great products and methods to give your hair TLC and restore hair health. When you choose to have blonde hair, it is extremely common for brassy tones to develop, it is recommended to wash your hair with purple shampoo to keep warm tones at bay. For coloured hair is important to avoid over washing your hair. It is recommended to wash your hair twice a week to keep the colour and the natural healthy hair oils in.

TOP TIP: Remember not to overuse purple shampoo, using too much and too often can cause the hair to appear dull. Instead, alternate purple shampoo with a different colour-safe shampoo, this will help to help protect and enhance the colour longevity.


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