Halloween is a chance to get dressed up and show off our creativity through our hair and our costumes. Here at Neal and Wolf, we love coming up with new creative ways we can channel the spooky season in our hairstyles. This year, however, things are a little different. BUT this doesn’t mean that you can’t take the opportunity to get into the spooky spirit even in the comfort of your own home. We’ve found four easy to achieve Halloween inspired hairstyles that with blow people away, even if it’s just through work video calls or family zoom quizzes!

Spooky Hair Accessories

The simplest way to get into the spooky spirit this Halloween is to use fun hair accessories to create a simple half-up-half-down updo. Brush the top layers of your hair backwards with a paddle brush, and use a scary hair grip or elastic to secure it in place.

DIY Devil Horns

Here’s a classic look for Halloween at Home. Devil horns are a fool-proof Halloween accessory, but why not fashion them yourself out of your own hair with this simple and easy do-it-yourself hairstyle. Start with a clean parting to ensure both devil horns are the same size and mould pointed space buns from two individual ponytails by wrapping your hair around your hair elastic and securing in place with a bobby pin. Finish the look with Control Flexible Styling Hairspray to keep everything in place.  


TOP TIP: As you mould your hair, make sure your final wrap is low and close to your head. This will cover your elastic and make it easier to secure your horns in place.

Spider Buns

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can even take your regular up-do to the next level by recreating this spider inspired look. Creepy, crawly and surprisingly cute, this hairstyle is easy to put together for those who have leftover arts and craft supplies around the house. All you need is some pipe cleaners, pompoms, googly eyes and a couple of hairpins to secure it all in place. Put your hair into a bun, messy or not, and simply feed the pipe cleaners into the centre of the bun!

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