Ice isn’t just for winter! Icy blonde can make you look cool all year round. In this blog, Laura Elliott, head of education at Neäl & Wølf shares everything you need to know about icy blonde hair.

What colour is icy blonde hair?

Icy blonde hair takes its name from the cool shades used in tresses. The colour uses pale blue hues to add a chill to your look. White shades are used to lighten hair, emulating fresh snow. This is combined with sleek silver to create a bright sheen similar to shiny ice. Despite the winter associations, this hair colour is perfect all year round.

What are the different types of icy blonde hair?

There are lots of various hairstyles that come under the icy blonde hair umbrella. The shade can be implemented with scalp bleach, hair extensions and more. Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite types of the frozen style.

 Ash icy blonde hair

Dark and light tones combine with this style! Ash uses darker shades to add depth to your look. This makes the hair much greyer and silver in colouring, rather than the bright white of usual icy blonde. This gives the hair a smoky vibe, giving your style an added edge.

 Icy blonde highlights

Not looking to go the whole way with an icy blonde? Highlights are the ideal option. Elevate your style by overlaying brunette and dark blonde hair with ice blonde highlights. These work to lighten and brighten your hair, creating eye-catching detail within your tresses. The darker your base colour, the more dramatic the highlights.


Icy blonde balayage

Balayage has all the benefits of highlights but is much more subtle. Dimension can be added to brunette shades by introducing icy blonde to the ends of the hair. This brings dimension to your tresses, creating a polished, modern style that makes a statement.

Ice blonde hair extensions

Looking to elongate your look? Hair extensions add length to your icy blonde hair, creating the appearance of thick locks. The versatility of the extensions also means that hair can be adapted from short to long, whilst maintaining a natural feel.

Smudge icy blonde shadow root

Style starts at the roots! Apply a dark shade like deep brunette to the base of your hair, before adding the icy blonde shade to the rest of your tresses. The smudge effect gives a smooth transition from dark to light, creating a flawless blend of colour.

Ice blonde bob

Pair your icy blonde hair with an iconic style. Bobs can add texture to your tresses, whilst preventing tangles and frizz. The ice blonde colour compliments the shape and shine characteristics of the bob by adding an additional silvery sheen. Find out more blog inspiration: The French Bob Haircut

What skin tone does icy blonde look good on?

Icy blonde works well to enhance cool skin tones, matching with the blue undertones within. The wintery icy blonde hair colour compliments the chilled tones in the skin, neutralising it. Learn more about skin tone and colour: What Hair Colour Suits Me? A Guide to Choosing the Right Shade

What is the formula for icy blonde?

To master the icy blonde hair colour, the salon is the place to go! As there are many different intensities of the shade, we would recommend taking an image with you as a reference piece for your colourist. To create this look, colour hair with an ultra-light blonde colour. Then, either add a lightener to the hair, or blend in silvery grey colours. For more colour inspiration, visit our colour chart: Hair Colour Numbering System

How do you make blonde hair icy?

Wintery hues can transform blonde hair. Your base blonde must be rid of warm tones to keep the shade cool. Add a silver or white tone on top to lighten your tresses - we would suggest visiting a colourist for this. We would also recommend adding super shine and correcting colour with a toner like Glaze. This locks in moisture, leaving hair looking healthier for up to 24 washes. Learn more: Glaze True Demi Rapid Liquid Colour and Toner

Is icy blonde the same as platinum blonde?

The short answer is no! Platinum blonde has a more neutral to yellow undertone, whereas icy blonde is cool through and through. Ice blonde uses white and silver hues, creating a colour similar to snow. Find out more about platinum blonde: How to Maintain Platinum Blonde Hair

What is the difference between pearl blonde and ice blonde?

Pearl blonde has a pink sheen - the main aspect that sets it apart from icy blonde, which has deep violet and blue undertones. Pearl blonde combines a variety of different blonde shades, adding a silvery shine to create the look of a glimmering pearl.

How do you maintain icy blonde hair?

You should visit your colourist to keep your ice blonde looking fresh. But we have some helpful tips to allow you to take care of your hair from home. Below, we’ve listed our guide, complete with products.

Hair washing

One of the main characteristics of ice blonde hair is the lack of yellow tones. Therefore, we would suggest a purple shampoo and conditioner to strip the hair of brassy hues, acting as a toner. Learn more: BLONDE Purple Shampoo and Conditioner


Dry hair with our HERØ Ionic Hairdryer, applying a spray to shield hair from heat like our GUARD Heat Protection Spray. Next, finish your look by applying an oil to damp or dry hair, giving your locks a stunning shine.


Now you know everything there is to know about icy blonde hair, it's time to embrace the freeze. Learn more about our full range of products for blonde hair: Blonde Hair Products