So, you’ve left the salon feeling a million dollars with your new hair colour, but how do you keep your colour vibrant and healthy while at home?

Hair colours do fade over time, especially the fashion ready greys and platinum-blondes, and the colourful unicorn hair we are seeing...which are not a permanent colour as such, more of a tone. We've put together our top hints and tips for keeping your "fresh from the salon" hair for longer:

Sulphates, Sulphates, Sulphates! 

Sulphates are a detergent used in many cleaning products, including shampoos. When using a shampoo full of them you are going to experience quicker colour fading! Neal & Wolf shampoos are FREE from sulphates, meaning they are kinder to coloured hair, helping to lock that colour in for longer! Always follow your shampoo with a conditioner. A good conditioner will add moisture and seal the hair cuticle down locking in your colour. Also, try and wash your hair less frequently, we generally advise to wash the hair 2-3 times a week to help avoid colour fade. Our Aura Hair & Body Spray is great for in-between washes, giving your hair a breath of scent until your next wash.

Commit to your hair colour

Fashion colours like a pinks and greys do need a little bit more TLC. You will need more regular visits to your salon for top-up toners. Using a toning shampoo like Neal & Wolf Blonde is a must to help keep any yellow tones at bay. Start using this one week after having your hair dyed. Neal & Wolf Blonde is not just for blondes either. You can use it on cool browns to stop any warms tones coming through, and when used on reds it will keep the red tones from fading to orange.

Turn down the heat

Minimal heat styling is a must to help save your colour! Try letting your hair air dry rather than going for the hairdryer, and if you must blow-dry use our Miracle Rapid Blow-Dry Mist. This will speed up drying (reducing the amount of damage caused to your hair) and the violet pigment will keep tones lighter and brighter. If you must style your hair then keep the heat low on your styling tools (185°C - 195°C ) and always use a heat protection spray like Guard which protects from heat up to 220°C. Remember, turning up to full heat is just going to fry your colour!

Treat your hair

Porous damaged hair will lose colour faster as there is nothing in the hair to support the colour. Weekly hair masques or treatments will give the hair more moisture and structure, helping the colour hang-on for longer. Our Harmony Treatment is great to use as a weekly conditioning treatment. Also, you can add a few drops of our Velvet Hair Oil to your conditioner for an extra boost.

For the Ultimate Hair Treat:

  1. Apply a small amount of DAILY conditioner to towel-dried freshly washed hair
  2. Layer over Harmony treatment
  3. Spray 3 pumps of Glow over the hair
  4. Leave for 10 mins and rinse


Get in touch with us if you have any questions, find us on social media @nealandwolf 


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    Posted by Sharon davies on

    I have very sensitive skin and sometimes new products do not agree with me is it possible to send a few samples to me to try before I buy please as I have read great reviews on your products

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    Posted by Neal & Wolf on

    @Sharon Davies thank you for your comment. If you have sensitive skin our recommendation would be to visit your nearest Neal & Wolf salon to try our products and discuss your concerns with a stylist. You can find your nearest salon here:

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