When it comes to hair styling, many of us find themselves spending hours browsing on the internet looking for inspiration on new styles to recreate and the best products that can help us do so from home. With September coming to an end, Autumn is just around the corner and although we’re not quite ready to welcome the cold weather yet, it’s definitely time to find new and fresh Autumn hairstyle ideas. If you’re not a fan of big changes you don’t have to worry, because thanks to our luxurious haircare collection even with the simplest hairstyle you will shine brighter than a star! We’ve included some of our favourite styling products, designed to help you style your hair no matter the occasion, whether you’re attending a meeting Zoom call or getting ready for date night.


Texture Dry Texture & Finishing Spray

Texture is the newest addition to the family and is a multifunctional dry shampoo and finishing spray that helps create shape, movement and dimensional texture. This buildable spray maintains hold and volume whilst retaining your hair’s natural flexibility. It absorbs oil and resists humidity to help your style last longer. From straight to curly or beach waves, for buildable shape and movement with long-lasting hold and volume, you can now rejuvenate your hair with Texture!


Fix Hold & Shine Hairspray

Wanting to achieve a look that will last you for hours? Then Fix is the product you need! This amazing product is designed to give maximum long-lasting hold whilst intensifying shine and protecting the hair from sudden weather changes that could otherwise ruin a beautiful style. Whether you’re going to straight, curl or braid your hair, make you spritz some of this fantastic product onto the finished style to create all-day hold with radiant shine.


Shape Pliable Paste

Have you heard of a product that lets you style your hair to create outstanding hold? The meet SHAPE! This product is suitable for all hair types and is designed give an outstanding strong hold that improves definition and is perfect for shorter styles. If you’re looking to create curls or beach waves, then apply the product once you’ve styled the hair to achieve unbeatable hold.


Form Sculpting Lotion

FORM is a liquid mousse that offers a light to medium hold and is ideal for creating volume or adding control to your styled look. This sculpting lotion has been designed to help shape the look you want, with the added benefit of head-turning texture and stunning shine. Form can adapt to different hair styles as it’s great for enhancing curls as well as smoothing the ends for a straight look.


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