With summer holidays just around the corner many of you will be wondering what you can do to keep your hair in tip-top condition no matter where you decide to go! We've put together some of our recommendations for protecting your hair in the sun, alongside which products are the best ones to take on holiday with you. Follow our Neal & Wolf guide below for the best advice on hair care while travelling.

Pack Your Neal & Wolf Travel Size Minis

Our best-selling shampoos and conditioners are all available in travel-friendly 50ml bottles, alongside our Miracle Mist and Control Hairspray. By packing one of these beauties you won't have to carry several large bottles of hair products with you. They're also available in handy travel bags in the form of our mini essential kits.

Don't Forget Your Hair Accessories

Always take several bobby pins, elastic headband, and multiple hair ties whenever you travel. These hair accessories are lifesavers when it comes to styling your hair while on the go and even without a mirror.

Protect Against Sun Damage By Locking In Moisture

Ingredients such as Silk Proteins and Wheat Proteins help lock in moisture, preventing the hair from drying out in the hot sun. Before you are set to leave the house, apply a Harmony Treatment, and layer over the top with our Velvet Oil. Cover your hair with a lightweight scarf. The conditioner will help retain the softness of your hair while travelling for several hours and both of these products have ingredients which offer UV protection. 

Look For Hair Products With UV Protection

Speaking of UV protection, many Neal & Wolf products contain ingredients such as Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane which act as a sunscreen for your hair. Be sure to protect your hair in the same way you would your skin with products such as Silk Blow-Dry Balm or Velvet Nourish Hair Oil.

Don't Let Humidity Get You Down

Humidity can wreak havoc with carefully crafted style, but there are ways to beat the frizz. Product like Enhance, Uplift and Texture all contain ingredients that are humidity resistant; combine this with products that lock in moisture and you'll keep your locks looking silky-smooth rather than a frizzy mess!

Travel In Style

Long hair while travelling can get tricky. But with these easy hairstyles, you can look composed and chic even if you haven't washed your hair or having a bad hair day:

  • Loose Bun - Pull the hair together and hold it straight up. Twist your hair down to several inches near the crown. Wrap the hair around until a loose bun is formed at the top of your head. Secure the bun with several bobby pins
  • Sleek Side Pony - Brush hair to make smooth and create an extreme side part. Gather hair and form a low ponytail. Make it tight by securing it with a hair tie and several bobby pins. Apply a hair product to make the hair sleek and shiny
  • Mermaid braid - Pull hair to one side and divide into two sections. Braid each section and tie the ends with a hair ties. Combine the two braided sections and secure with another hair tie. Flatten and fan out the braids to resemble a mermaid's tail

Avoid The "Shampoo Explosion"

We're sure you've all experienced this; when shampoos are packed into checked luggage they can leak or "explode". This sounds more dramatic than it actually is, but there's nothing worse that opening your case and discovering clothes covered in shampoo (especially purple shampoo!). This can happen due to pressure changes in the plane during landing and take-off, or it could just be squashed during your travels. To avoid this we'd always recommend packing shampoo into a separate plastic bag, and avoiding squashing it in too tightly with other items. Re-useable sandwich or freezer bags are perfect for this task!

We have listed below our top five "best holiday hair products" that produce gorgeous results and are perfect for taking on your travels:

HARMONY Shampoo & Treatment

Being in the sun all day is tough on your hair, and it will definitely need some extra nourishment during your holiday. Our Harmony range contains ingredients that offer UV protection, and a blend of oils and proteins to lock in moisture and help treat dry or damaged hair. 


Your hair is comprised of delicate keratin fibres, which lock in nutrients that allow your hair to look full of life and shine. However, these fibres can become brittle due to lack of moisture and exposure to heat and the sun. This is where GUARD comes in! Applied to pre-heat styled hair, GUARD protects up to 220C, whilst a film-forming polymer protects cuticles from moisture loss during styling, keeping hair soft and smooth. For that extra boost of shine, meadowfoam seed oil provides a glossy vibrant finish to be proud of around the pool!


Excessive exposure to the sun can do considerable damage to your hair, which is usually not noticeable until the damage has been done. UV rays and extreme heat weaken hair cuticles, damaging your natural hair pigments. This can lead to a loss of colour and vitality (worst nightmare!). VELVET’s unique blend of argan, avocado and jojoba oils transform rough, unruly hair, into a healthy, glossy and nourished mane, all the whilst protecting against UV damage. Whether in the UK or abroad, a hair oil is absolutely necessary to maintaining the moisture and general health of your hair! 


For the perfect finish, particularly for a hairstyle that has to combat the humidity and heat of a summer’s day, a hairspray that can maintain hold from day to night is an absolute must! Designed to offer a flexible, but long-lasting hold with a matte finish, CONTROL is the ultimate finishing style spray that provides all-day structure to your chosen poolside ‘do’!


Humidity on holiday can ruin a perfectly crafted hair style. To keep your style in place try our Texture Finishing Spray. Texture can boost volume, add buildable texture, has UV protection properties and best of all - it's humidity resistant! Use on sleek, wavy or curly locks to enhance shape, texture and volume. When ready to restyle, simply brush out.

Has Neal & Wolf made it into your holiday essentials? Share a picture of your go to Neal & Wolf holiday product by tagging us on social @nealandwolf, and you could feature on our page!


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