Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.12.49   The time between the Easter holidays to the height of summer in August is the most popular time of year to take a holiday abroad from the UK. For many of us that can involve packing a wide variety of hair styling tools, products and our favourite shampoo and conditioners. And while that can seem like overkill to some, it is not surprising that we want to look and feel our best while on holiday abroad. One of the downsides involved in travelling abroad, especially if you are travelling long haul, is  the strain put on the body and hair as well. Follow our Neal & Wolf guide below for the best advice on hair care while travelling. Travel Size Everything Transfer sizeable amounts of your favourite Neal & Wolf hair products into different travel-sized containers. This way, you won't have to carry several large bottles of hair products with you. Arm Yourself Don't forget to bring a hair accessories, several bobby pins, elastic headband, and multiple hair ties whenever you travel. These hair accessories are lifesavers when it comes to styling your hair while on the go and even without a mirror. Leave It Before you are set to leave the house, apply leave-in conditioner in your hair and cover it with your scarf. The conditioner will help retain the softness of your hair while travelling for several hours. Dust It If your hair is oily, make sure you bring some hair powder with you. This way, you can easily sprinkle some on your hair when it starts to get limp. Master These Styling long hair while travelling can get tricky. But with these easy hairstyles, you can look composed and chic even if you haven't washed your hair or having a bad hair day: Loose Bun - Pull the hair together and hold it straight up. Twist your hair down to several inches near the crown. Wrap the hair around until a loose bun is formed at the top of your head. Secure the bun with several bobby pins. Sleek Side Pony - Brush hair to make smooth and create an extreme side part. Gather hair and form a low ponytail. Make it tight by securing it with a hair tie and several bobby pins. Apply a hair product to make the hair sleek and shiny. Mermaid braid - Pull hair to one side and divide into two sections. Braid each section and tie the ends with a hair ties. Combine the two braided sections and secure with another hair tie. Flatten and fan out the braids to resemble a mermaid's tail.

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