Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 17.13.22 If you are looking for ways to improve the health and wellbeing of animals, there is a simple change you can make today: purchase cruelty-free products. At Neal & Wolf, we really appreciate the efforts that our customers make to seek out cruelty-free products. If you're new to ethical purchasing or just want a reminder about why your choices are beneficial, read on. Here are 5 benefits you can gain from buying cruelty-free.   Healthier body   Often, cruelty-free products are made with simple ingredients that have been proven safe without animal testing. The products are non-toxic, which is great for your health. Common supermarket brands often contain harsh, animal-tested chemicals which can pass through your skin into your body. We're talking about products from hairspray to handwash. Avoid absorbing toxic chemical cocktails and treat your body to nourishing, healthy, ethical products instead.   Healthier home   Choosing cruelty-free, non-toxic cleaning products for your home reduces your overall chemical load. Often, eco-friendly brands are also cruelty-free. Like personal care products, eco-friendly and ethical cleaning products are usually made from simpler, non-toxic and effective ingredients. It's a win for your home, your health, the animals and the planet!   Save money   It's a sad fact that many brands out there are tested on animals. As you seek out cruelty-free brands, you'll naturally eliminate many of your options. When you decide to make mindful purchases, you're less likely to waste money on unneeded items. You'll only need one hairspray and one lotion, not 3 of each, for example. These savings can add up over time.   Discover new options   If you're excited to try new products, investigate monthly subscription-based beauty boxes. Make sure to find one that only offers cruelty-free options. They can contain haircare products like hairspray, or makeup and skincare. Sampling the range of products out there will help you to find your new favourite brands.   Make better choices   Knowing is half the battle. If you realise that you have animal-tested products at home, don't feel bad. We can only make good decisions when we have the right information. Resolve to stay informed and seek out cruelty-free products. As you finish a product, replace it with a more ethical choice. Over time your personal care routines will become free from animal testing, and if you choose, your home will as well.

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