Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 10.04.36   The UK has many great music festivals that take place over the summer and if you're heading to one such event this year you may be thinking about the best outfit to wear and how best to style you hair. To help you with some inspiration we've got a selection of the hottest festival hairstyles for 2014. Take a look at our pick of the best below. Topknot [caption id="attachment_292" align="alignnone" width="191"]Photograph Maegan Tintari Photograph Maegan Tintari[/caption]   The topknot is a great festival hairstyle because it is flattering, quick to style and is a really low maintenance look. If you're camping or have a weekend ticket for a festival then a bonus for this style is that it can work even if you can't wash your hair.   How to style: Apply Neal & Wolf smoothing blow dry balm to damp hair before drying with hair dryer and a large brush and then pull the hair into a high ponytail, then fasten with a hair band. Backcomb sections of the ponytail to add height, then pin these sections into the base of the pony tail with hair pins. Wrap hair around the ponytail then secure with more pins. Finally leave a few loose strands hanging around the face for a stylish look.   Faux-undercut If you want to look a little more rock chick for your music festival then you can add a edge to you look by wearing a faux undercut hair style. This look has been very popular in recent months in the fashion world so you will be right on trend. The faux undercut look is created by using a braid on one side of the hair to create the feeling of shorter hair underneath. How to style: To start sculpting this look start with a deep side parting on one side of your head, and create a plait between the front of your hairline and the back of the ear with a French braid technique. Keep braiding the hair until your plait reaches past the ear and towards the nape of your neck. Finally secure with a band - an invisible band works best for this look.   Short & Choppy Short styles work well at festivals and deliver a cool bohemian look. This casual short and choppy look is also very easy to maintain and style - another huge bonus for the festival season. How to Style:- Apply a blow spray such as Neal & Wolf smoothing blow dry balm to damp hair and dry roughly with a flat hairbrush. Create flicks of hair around the edges to emphasise the short choppy look. Finally use Neal & Wolf From sculpting spray, working through the hair to the ends with your fingers, sweep the fringe to one side and rough up the back and sides.


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