Gentlemen, the fade hairstyle is on trend right now and there is bound to be a fade style to suit your needs. The question is, which fade cut would you like? High fades, low fades, traditional, scissor, temple fades - there are a lot of types to choose from. Here is a quick guide you can use when speaking to your hair stylist about which style you'd like, and how to keep it looking sharp when you get home. 1-menshairstylestoday credit: Research Before you make your appointment, spend a bit of time looking at different men's fade styles that are out there. Save some photos that have what you like and bring them in, to your stylist. Showing is much easier than telling. How to ask your stylist Bring in your images and don't hesitate to have a discussion with your stylist about what your needs are. Men's fade styles can communicate plenty of different messages, so be open about your presentation needs (for example, ‘I'm a doctor so I need to look professional' or ‘I'm front of house for a hotel, so I need to look neat and well-groomed'). Your stylist should be able to combine your style preferences with a cut that will meet your needs. There's a fade for everyone, no matter your face shape or preference. Some styles work better depending on the thickness of your hair, the colour of your scalp in contrast to your face and neck, the shape of your head and your own tastes. Styling a fade 2 Credit: Because fades are so varied, there are multiple ways you can style one. If you have longer hair on top, you could go for the popular pompadour fade. Use a high quality pomade to slick back the sides, and then use a hair dryer and large round brush to lift the front up into the classic pompadour shape. Work a little more pomade in to hold the volume. Shorter styles or messier looks can be styled with no equipment like dryers. In these cases, just take a touch of Style shaping cream and put it through the longer sections of hair. Tousle it however you like to achieve a more casual look.

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