This year’s ‘it’ hair styles focus on volume, face framing and polished blow dries, according to our expert hair stylists. TikTok’s it-girls have paved the way for these autumn’s hairstyles, with the likes of Hailey Bieber, Matilda Djerf and Sofia Richie influencing many of the trends.

In this blog, we will share our thoughts on the top four hair trends we predict will be everywhere this autumn winter season.


Lobs (long bobs)

Long Bob

Hailey Bieber and Zendaya have led the bob trend over summer, and as we move into the autumn winter seasons, long bobs, that sit just below the collar bone will be a popular trend.

Lobs are great for those who want to make the chop but aren’t quite daring enough to go for a shoulder grazing bob. The lob is also much easier to style and manage and is just long enough to be easily pulled back for a sleek up do.

Shorter bobs, such as the French bob, which is a favourite of ours, are still popular as we transition from summer to autumn, but the lob is more wearable for the majority of face shapes.

The fox cut

Last autumn the wolf cut, a shaggy, more robust cut that incorporated choppier layers and jagged edges was really popular. This year, the fox cut, otherwise known as the wolf cut’s sleek younger sister, will take the crown.

We’ve noticed an increase in referencing the likes of Matilda Djerf for high volume 70s and 90s hair, which is where the fox cut comes in. The cut is great for those with finer hair as it uses traditional layering techniques to create the illusion of thicker, voluminous hair. The upcoming hair trend is also fairly easy to style, as it just requires a sleek blow dry, which many can do at home with a smoothing blow dry balm and a round brush. For those wanting to incorporate subtle fringes, this is the perfect cut to do so. It effortlessly frames the face to give more dimension without any choppy cuts which means it works well for those with longer faces.

Sleek up dos

Sleek Up-Do

The sleek up do has become increasingly popular, as the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ has amassed 6.1 billion views on TikTok, and Gen Z’s new it-girl, Sofia Richie, shares her polished hair tutorials.

Slick back hairstyles, such as the sleek pony, bun and braid, have been popular for a while, thanks to influencers from catwalks and editorial fashion, and it seems they’re here to stay this Autumn. Sleek up dos are extremely versatile and can be worn in both formal and informal situations to elevate your overall look. The type of brush you use is vital in order to pull back each hair strand without leaving any kinks. We recommend a boar bristle brush to get your hair perfectly smooth.

If worn too often, you will risk the hair tugging and pulling too tightly on the hairline, where hair strands are finer and weaker, leading to tension breakage. Contrary to how Sofia Richie explains in her tutorial, never slick back hair when the hair is wet, as this can cause further damage.

Whilst they look elegant and polished, s licking back hair daily could eventually lead to hair loss due to extreme tension and breakage, also known as traction alopecia. To make the sleek up do kinder to your hair, apply a hair treatment or hair mask to slick it back for easy and multitasking haircare.

Curtain bangs and Birkin bangs

Curtain Bangs

We predict there will be a focus on framing the face this season with the help of curtain bangs and birkin bangs.

With the popularity of the fox cut and voluminous blow outs, we’ve been noticing increases in requests for curtain and Birkin bangs within our salons. Curtain bangs can be tricky to style, but try applying a volumising mousse when the hair is damp before blow drying out with a rounded brush for ultimate volume and that fresh salon look. ‘Birkin bangs’ are essentially a full fringe that is feathered out with light layers, making it less heavy and more wearable than the traditional full fringe. Birkin bangs are the perfect autumnal fringe if you’re looking for a face framing style that is low maintenance. We suggest blow drying in alternate directions using a round brush to create that relaxed ‘just woke up’ look. You don’t want these bangs to be too straight or structured, as this can make the hair appear flat.

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