How to style crimped hair

Best-Hair-Crimpers-   Crimped hair is back, but not as you might remember it. We're not thinking of a throwback to the 80's, or even the novelty butterfly clip-adorned waves of the 2000's. This year has seen some stylish crimping work its way onto high fashion runways. Here's how to crimp in the most up to date styles of 2018.   Add volume to your braid   If you have fine hair, braids can look small and flat. Apply a heat protection product to your hair before sectioning and crimping all of it. It's going to look wild, but wait until you braid it. You'll have voluminous braids with no sign of the crimps.   Accessorise your pony tail   Straight from the catwalk, get bold with a new take on a pony tail. Brush your hair out and apply heat protection. Then crimp your hair in bold cohesive segments from the height of your ears down to the ends. Tie your hair loosely around shoulder height, so there's plenty of room for your crimped panels to shine.   Lift up flat, fine hair   Fine hair can be fickle to work with, but as with the braiding technique, crimping can work wonders. Section your hair and crimp closely to the scalp. As you crimp the roots, leave a few sections untouched. When you're done, work your fingers through to loosen the crimps and you'll have a great base to style from.   Get bed hair, but not as you know it   There's a subtle art to making a dishevelled style look effortless. Try this: Wash your hair, apply a light coat of heat protection and then tousle it dry. Let the natural body and wave in your hair come out. Crimp random sections of your hair. Try not to get neat hard lines here. A light, randomised touch will give you the casual chic you're looking for.

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