How to style crimped hair


Crimped hair is back, but not as you might remember it. We're not thinking of a throwback to the 80's, or even the novelty butterfly clip-adorned crimped hairstyles of the 2000's.

Crimped hair is back but the 2023 twist is hydrated and styled in a way which makes it fit for 2023. To achieve perfectly crimped hair, as well as your hair crimpers, you’ll also need to ensure you use the right products to look after your tresses to avoid heat damage and unwanted frizz.

Here’s how to achieve those top-crimped looks...

Add Volume To Your Braid

 If you have fine hair, braids can look small and flat. Apply a heat protection product to your hair before sectioning to avoid heat damage, we recommend using Neal & Wolf Guard Heat Protection Spray and crimp hair all over. It's going to look wild, but wait until you braid it. You'll have voluminous braids with no sign of the crimps.  

Crimped Hairstyles - Braid


Create Loosely Crimped Hair

Loose crimped hair, also known as Mermaid Waves, is achieved using a crimping tool which generally has three sections on the heat tool, compared to the 80’s style crimper which has many small zig-zags on the heat plate which creates tiny waves.

Begin with clean, relatively straight hair. Section the hair and apply a heat protection spray to avoid heat damage, our Guard Heat Protection Spray protects hair up to 220 degrees.

Gently brush your hair then begin sectioning, this will help ensure you don’t miss any sections. Use clips to hold the hair you are not working on if needed.

Start at the root of each section and work your way down. Ensure you don’t touch each crimped section until it has fully cooled.

For each section, avoid placing the crimper in the same place, as this creates identical waves, instead, adjust the placement slightly for a more natural finish.

To finish, once all the sections are cooled, spray your hair with hairspray for longer-lasting waves. We recommend Control Flexible Hold Finishing Spray to give a strong, yet natural hold.

Pro Tip: If you want a more natural look, gently run your fingers through your waves once they have cooled.
For finer hair, finish with a texture spray to give extra lift and volume (perfect for the party season!), our Texture Finishing Spray works perfectly as it adds volume and hold.

 The Mermaid Wave Crimped Hairstyle


Crimped Hair Without A Crimping Tool

If you want crimped hair but don’t own hair crimpers, here’s how you can still achieve the perfect crimped look.

Simply section your hair (the smaller the sections, the smaller the crimped look will be) and apply heat protection spray. Platt each section. Then, use a straightening iron and press and hold the braid, working your way down the full length of the braid. Hold each time for a few sections. Once hair is cooled, unplait the braids and finish with hairspray.


Heatless Crimped Hair

Freshly washed, dried hair. Simply section hair (the smaller the section, the tighter the wave will be). Braid each section, ensuring to start the braid as close to the root as possible. You can also use curling rods or a headband. By morning you’ll have well-styled curls without the damage. Finish with a hairspray of texture spray. 


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