Latest Hair Colour Trends

[caption id="attachment_402" align="alignnone" width="399"]Photograph: Hans Van Der Berg Photograph: Hans Van Der Berg[/caption] Strong Streaks While Ombre had its time last year a new more retro take on colour tones has now come into its own. Strong streaks are a hot look at the moment as seen on high profile celebrities such as Mindy Kaling, Jennifer Garner,  Halle Berry, and Jada Pinkett Smith. The  strong ribbons of blonde in actress Jennifer Garners new do' are definitely reminiscent of an early 1990's Cindy Crawford. Meanwhile Halle Berry has elevated her new grown out shoulder length bob with lighter strands of colour. Jada Pinkett Smith has used golden highlights to lighten her long dark and beautifully straight hair. The strong streaks look adds depth and movement and can help hair to look fuller.     Baby Lights Rosamund Pike, Allison Williams and Eva Longoria have led the charge with this new subtle hair colour trend. Baby Lights utilizes a technique for 'painting' colour onto small sections of the hair to mimic the natural effect of sunshine on the hair. This style helps create a natural colour blend with a smoother and more gradual colour change than the Ombre style. Other benefits include the subtle understated style that may be more suitable for some occasions. Add in the fact that Baby Lights offer easy maintenance and are easy to grow out without anyone noticing and we think you're on to a winner with this style.     Cool Shades From Nicole Richie's violet black to Katy Perry's blue-black, these unusual and out there shades are very striking. Whether they will work as well on the high street or in the office as on the red carpet is another debate altogether. What is for certain is that for celebs such as Nicole and Katy who are bold enough to go for this shade, it is a real attention grabber and suits their outgoing personalities.      

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