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When it's hot in summer, the last thing you might feel like doing is sweltering under the hair dryer once you've washed your hair. It's possible to leave your hair damp and let it air dry, but it's a fine line between leaving the house looking fresh and looking, well, bedraggled. We've put together some helpful tips for your hair to help you feel cool and look great for summer.


Choose a summer savvy style


As summer approaches, have a chat with your stylist about getting a cut that's easier to manage in the hot weather. Try thinning your hair a touch to have less bulk, but keep it longer so it won't require so much styling. The weight of longer hair will help pull it straight and avoid a frizzy blow out.


Towel dry properly


Don't abuse your hair by towel drying roughly. Wrap your hair in your towel and squeeze it repeatedly. Move the towel around so it can absorb more of the water. The less you tousle your hair as you dry it, the less frizzy it should be, and you'll need to do less combing afterward.


Don't over style it


Comb your hair out lightly, but don't fuss with it too much. To give a relaxed summer vibe you can leave it after you've run that comb through. The next steps will give you all the finesse you need.


For thick or wavy hair


Feel free to use a little product to lend a little control as your hair drys. Any wave or bounce products should work. They are typically designed to be left in to air dry. Avoid products that require heat activation (that is, your hair dryer).


For fine or straight hair


Stay away from product in this case because it will weigh down your hair in an unattractive way. Pop a little light hair oil in the ends if you need to, but that's it.


Leave it alone


Once it's towel dried and you've applied a little product (if using) then part it and leave it alone. It can be hard to stop yourself from fussing it, but the more you play with it, the more frizz will happen. Let the summer air work it's magic.


Once it's dry


Feel free to add a little styling product and scrunch your hair a bit once your hair is completely dry, if you want to add a little polish.


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