Looking for thick, bouncy tresses? They’re right at your fingertips! From brush type to blow drying technique, there are a variety of tricks to keep your locks looking fuller. In this blog, our head of education Laura Elliott shares her 10 tips to achieve buoyancy and volume in hair.

1. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

Volume starts with hair washing! Specialist shampoos aren’t just for hair types like coloured or dry hair - some are tailored to those that want big, bouncy tresses. Set the foundation for your look by choosing a shampoo and conditioner duo like our AMPLIFY range to gently cleanse, detangle and nourish hair. This doesn’t leave build-up in the hair, creating the perfect base for lustrous locks. Find out more: AMPLIFY Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner

2. Master your blow drying technique

Blow drying effectively can be the difference between flat and full-bodied hair. After washing your hair, apply heat protection like our GUARD Heat Protection Spray which shields hair from temperatures of up to 220°C. Then, flip your hair upside down and roughly dry your tresses with a hair dryer. This lifts the roots and roughs up cuticles to increase volume within the hair. Our brand-new hair dryer is the ideal tool for your routine, with quiet and fast-drying features. Learn more: HERØ Ionic Hairdryer

3. Use a round brush

Did you know the size and shape of your brush can affect your hair’s look and feel? When your hair is about 70% dry, flip it back over and blow dry individual hair sections with a round brush. A round brush is great for volume as it can lift your roots and increase buoyancy in your locks, leaving hair with a beautiful bounce. We would recommend adding a lotion like our ELEVATE solution before blow drying and brushing to enhance body and texture. Browse here:  ELEVATE Volumising Lotion

4. Apply volumising products

The right products can give your hair the best chance of achieving volume. In addition to the shampoo and conditioner mentioned above, styling sprays, mousses and lotions can work to enhance your look. Many of our hair products have been specially developed to create full-bodied locks. We’d recommend a solution like our UPLIFT Mist which can transform even the finest hairstyles when sprayed on damp hair. Learn more: UPLIFT Volumising Hair Mist

5. Consider your haircut

Your hairstyle itself can impact volume. Cuts that are heavy at the ends of the hair can weigh down your locks, preventing the hair’s buoyancy. Choose a style like layers, which can add dimension and texture to the hair. This look allows stylists to move volume around the hair, towards where it is best suited - usually the top of the hair to add height. Read our blog all about one of our favourite styles: 5 Reasons to Choose Layered Hairstyles with Curtain Bangs

6. Massage your roots

Elevation often comes from the root of the hair. Massaging your scalp can stimulate blood flow for hair growth, which can in turn lead to healthier and stronger roots to support bouncy locks. This can also break down natural oils at the base of your hair, which can cause flat tresses. We’d recommend using a hair mousse like our ENHANCE product, which can be massaged from root to tip before blow drying for a high-volume finish. Browse: ENHANCE Volumising Mousse

 7. Avoid heavy serums and oils

Hair serums and oils can weigh down your hair and restrict the hair’s natural lift. Often the products can gather at the roots of the hair, making your locks fall limp and flat. Hair oils and serums should be used in moderation, as excessive use can lead to a lifeless look for hair. Instead, we would suggest using volumising products such as those mentioned above.

8. Change your parting

Changing up your parting is a simple and effective way to gain thicker looking locks. When you keep the same parting each time you style your hair, your tresses can become flattened along that line. Moving your parting can disrupt this effect and push hair up at the roots, giving you a full-bodied look in just a few seconds.

9. Embrace the backcomb

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styling! One of the most well-known ways of creating volume in the hair is backcombing, which involves gently brushing hair backwards towards the scalp with a fine tooth comb. This creates the appearance of fullness and height to last all day long. Often described as backcomb in a bottle, our TEXTURE Spray is an ideal alternative. Simply spray section-by-section for a buildable hold. Learn more: TEXTURE Dry Shampoo & Finishing Spray

10. Perfect your night-time routine

Creating volume doesn't have to require using heat. Try heatless curls to protect hair at night whilst curling without heat damage. To create this style, section off hair that is around 80% dry and twist at the front, similar to creating a braid. Keep the hair in place with hair ties and leave overnight, then unravel the next day and brush through!


You should now know how to get volume in hair! Put this toolkit to use for big, bouncy locks that last throughout the day. Complete your look by browsing our full variety of products for full-bodied hair: Volumising Hair Products