Celeb inspired short hair

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 14.21.39 Summer is on it's way and like clockwork, the bobs begin to find their way to the red carpet. At first, it's just one or two stars sporting shorter locks and then suddenly it's the hottest summer style.   There are so many ways to wear a bob. Of course it depends on your face shape and your personal style. Shape it close at the neck, long and loose or tightly cropped - whatever suits you. Take inspiration from the celebs who are styling bobs right now and find the right cut for you.   Jennifer Hudson is all about boxy clean lines right now. Blunt bangs and locks ending just under the earlobe add a vaguely Cleopatra-esque touch of mystique.   Kerry Washington is loving a straight and smooth look. A sleek side part can really make this style look professional and very put together. The ends can afford to be a little longer here, too. Finish this look with plenty of fly-away tamer - you want a very sleek finish.   Uma Thurman is always one to watch, and her latest look from Cannes is no exception. Uma proves that you can create an asymmetrical look without being messy about it. Create a part on the side with the shorter ends (around chin length), and allow the hair to lengthen around to the shoulders by the time it reaches the other side. Beautiful.   Aisha Tyler works her natural hair by moving the waves into a carefree style. You notice it just grazing the shoulders at the back but layered to frame her face in a really flattering style. Sweep those bangs sideways to tie it all together.   Cara Delevingne is absolutely on trend right now. The latest in platinum silver-blonde highlights her stunning features, and some clever styling makes her hair look sleek and wild simultaneously. The side part makes an appearance, but it's the single wave structured midway down the hairline that brings this look into our hall of fame.

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