Hair is a crucial consideration for your big day! It can be difficult to choose how to style your locks, from Hollywood waves to an elegant updo. Read on as Laura Elliott, Neäl & Wølf’s head stylist explores whether it’s best to wear your bridal wedding hair up or down and the best styles to consider.


1. Consider the veil

Are you thinking of wearing this traditional item? Usually, it is recommended to wear a veil with your hair up, as this can help the accessory to stay secure and in place all day long. But, if you’re swaying towards wearing your hair down, you can reduce slippage by backcombing the hair or using a strong hairspray. Our CONTROL product is designed to give a flexible hold to keep your style fresher for longer. Find out more: CONTROL Flexible Styling Hairspray

2. Face shape matters

Ensure that your style works with your face shape. If you have an oval shaped face, updos will bring attention to the balance of your features, creating an effect that is flattering. In comparison, square faces are complemented by wearing your hair down, as the angular edges of the face are softened. Need more help on how your hair can flatter your appearance? Read our blog: What Hair Colour Suits Me? A Guide to Choosing the Right Shade

 3. Remember the weather

Where and when you’re getting married can influence your hair decisions! If you’re getting married in a hot country abroad or in the height of summer, heat and humidity can cause your hair to be dry and frizzy. For this reason, many brides choose to wear their hair up to stop hair from sticking to their skin or becoming bushy. However, hair can be kept down if nourished with the right hair products on the run up to the big day. Try using a treatment mask 1-2 times per week in the month leading up to your wedding day to deeply condition hair and help replenish dry strands. Browse our solution: HYDRATE Moisture Hair Mask

 4. Style around the dress

Your bridal hair should perfectly complement your wedding dress. If your dress has a low neckline or is off the shoulder, you might consider wearing your hair down to fill the space and create flow. In contrast, high necklines usually work well with updos to create balance. Another key consideration is the detailing on your dress, which your hair shouldn’t hide. For example, if there is detailing at the top of the dress or down the back you wouldn’t want to cover this with your locks. 

5. Work with accessories

Whether you’re wearing a hairpiece or grips, the right accessory can really elevate your look. As with a veil, these usually stay in place easier with hair up, but they can be worn with hair down with provisions like bobby pins. Accessories like tiaras and headbands work better with hair down, as these are positioned at the top of the head. Pieces like pearl or crystal hairpins can slot into updos, helping to keep hair high. It can also be an idea to incorporate gypsophila flowers, poking into the twists of hair.

6. Keep comfortable

A key deciding factor is whether or not you feel like your natural self with your hair up or down. Take steps to avoid feeling self-conscious by covering the features you consider imperfections, like your ears or the top of your head. We would recommend trying out a few looks with your hair stylist and reflecting on how confident they make you feel. This should give you an idea of what to choose for your big day! Locate your closest Neäl & Wølf salon today: Find a Salon


Should you wear your wedding hair up or down?

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make! Ensure that whichever style you choose is suited to your outfit, face shape, the weather and how much you feel like yourself. Wearing your hair up gives more hold, as well as resisting the effect of warmer weather, showing off your dress and holding accessories better. However, longer hair creates a natural look that updos simply can’t match. If you’re still undecided, half up half down options are often chosen by brides.


Best updo wedding hair styles

Wearing your wedding hair up is a stylish and practical solution. This keeps your hair in place throughout the day, whilst keeping your tresses from becoming tangled in your veil, jewellery, or buttons. Read on as we share four of our favourite looks.

Messy low bun

Even messy hairstyles can look graceful at your wedding. Prepare your hair by applying a styling paste like our SHAPE Pliable Paste, which creates a strong hold and definition. Gather your hair into a ponytail, securing with a tie, then twist this into a bun. You could use hair grips to keep your tresses in place and even incorporate flowers.

Fishtail braids

This popular bridal hairstyle adds depth and pattern to your hair. Start by applying a styling solution like our FORM Sculpting Lotion to towel dried hair before blow-drying. Part your hair in the middle, then divide hair into two sections. Pull the section on the right over the left section and vice versa, then repeat until you have a fishtail braid. Secure the braid with a hair tie and adorn with flowers or crystal pieces. Voila!

Elegant updo

Combine two classic styles by creating a messy bun with a braided wrap. To achieve this, braid a small section of hair at the side of the head and secure with a small hair tie. Put the remaining hair into a ponytail, tie and then twist into a bun and secure. Wrap the braid around the base of the bun and secure with bobby pins. Hold with hairspray to keep in place.

Perfect ponytail

The classic blowout ponytail can add a level of length and volume to your look. To start, lather hair with our ENHANCE Volumising Mousse before blow-drying, then pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a silk scrunchie, leaving two wispy strands to frame the face. Next, curl all the hair using a wand or iron, including tendrils and finish by creating dimension with our TEXTURE Dry Shampoo & Finishing Spray. Position your veil over the top of your ponytail to beautifully complement your style.


Best wedding hair down styles

Highlight the natural flow of your tresses by leaving your locks loose. Let your hair cascade to create effortless elegance and a romantic silhouette. Below, we’ve listed some perfect ways to let your hair down.

 Hollywood waves

Add a touch of glam to your wedding day with Hollywood waves. Prep hair the night before by applying a hair oil like our VELVET Nourishing Hair Oil to damp tresses. Next, twist the hair at the front, secure with hair ties and leave overnight. Unravel and brush through the next day for gorgeous flowing locks! Add a finishing touch by adding a product that gives a deep, lasting shine. Find out more about our solution: GLOW Super Shine Spray

Sleek and straight

Feel graceful with this polished and put-together style. It’s important to protect your hair from heat and keep frizz at bay with options like our GUARD Heat Protection Spray, which locks in moisture and protects against temperatures of up to 220°C. Section the hair and straighten each part, focusing on the ends of the strands to avoid flicks. To elevate your look even more, pair this style with a short haircut like a French bob. Find out more about this trend: Trending - The French Bob Haircut

Side sweep

If you have longer hair, this style could be for you! We would recommend following the steps to achieve Hollywood waves mentioned above, then gather the hair to one side, leaving a loose strand hanging down at the opposite side. Pin the style in place with bobby pins. You could use a bejewelled or crystal hairpiece to the back of the hair to disguise the pins used to secure the style in place. For extra security, use a strong hairspray like our FIX spray to set your hair all day long. Browse: FIX Hold & Shine Hairspray

Have you decided whether to have your hair up or down for your wedding? Prep for the night before the big day by perfecting your hair washing routine. Our shampoo and conditioners are specialised to suit a range of hairstyles. Browse today: Shampoo & Conditioner


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