Planning on going to a festival? Whether you’re going to Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, or anywhere in between, events are the perfect excuse to experiment with your creativity. In this blog, Laura Elliott, Neäl & Wølf’s head stylist has listed her 10 favourite festival hair ideas from braids to space buns.

1. Braids

Whether you’re looking for a full head of braids or just a single braid, this style can transform your festival look. To achieve bubble braids, start by dividing your hair into sections. Use hair elastics to secure into a tiny ponytail, then create the first bubble by taking another hair tie and securing it around the ponytail about a couple of inches below the first hair tie and repeat. Gently tug on the hair in between the elastics to create the bubble effect and finish with a strong hairspray to avoid the look unravelling throughout the day. Get long-lasting effect with our hairspray: FIX Hold & Shine Hairspray

2. Accessories

Complete your festival hair with stand-out accessories. Embrace your natural surroundings with a flower crown or headband, which can be placed on top of the hair. Small hair grips like butterfly clips can also be used to embellish your style, as these can be attached to strands of curled hair or clipped onto hair ties. For an even more daring accessory, choose a bandana. If covering the hair entirely, apply a hair mask like our HYDRATE solution beforehand to add moisture to your tresses. This treatment intensely nourishes dry hair, leaving you with soft locks. Shop now: HYDRATE Moisture Hair Mask

3. Glitter

You may be tempted to add some sparkle to your festival hair with glitter mixed with gel or hairspray. We wouldn’t recommend using glitter as this can suffocate your hair strands - instead, enhance your hair with an iconic style. If you do wear glitter, wash your hair that night with a deep cleansing shampoo like our DAILY range. The formula works to effectively cleanse whilst enhancing manageability with nourishing ingredients. Browse today: DAILY Cleansing Shampoo

4. Plaits

Sometimes the classics are the best. Pretty plaits are an ideal way to keep your hair out of your way, whilst still looking on-trend. Leaving your hair in plaits overnight can also leave you with curled waves the next day. To achieve this look, section your hair into two and do a basic three-piece plait on both sides, secured with discreet mini bobbles. Enrich each plait with oil and smooth the hair down. Our VELVET oil blends argan, avocado and jojoba oils to add shine and leave hair looking smooth. Find out more: VELVET Nourishing Hair Oil

 5. Half Up Half Down

Get the best of both with this stylish look, ideal for any hair type. Section your hair into two by partitioning on both sides from above the ears. Then, neatly bring these pieces back and secure them in place with a small bobble. Once secured, use hair oil to smooth out any baby hairs and flyaways. Add texture to the rest of the hair by applying our TEXTURE spray, a buildable product that gives volume. Learn more: TEXTURE Dry Shampoo & Finishing Spray

6. Sleek High Ponytail

The traditional sleek high ponytail is a staple festival hair updo. Apply a hair mousse like our ENHANCE Volumising Mousse over towel-dried hair to slick back hair and provide hold. This gives locks a full-bodied look with long-lasting hold even in the warmest temperatures. Next, pull the hair into a tight high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. When doing this, be sure not to create too much tension as this can pull on the hair and damage it. Finish by securing the style with hairspray.


7. Heatless Waves

This festival hair idea is simple to prepare, with a fabulous finish. When hair is damp, apply a hair oil before sectioning off the hair. Dry the hair then twist different sections, secure each section with a hair tie and then leave it overnight. The next day, take out each strand and brush through with a wide tooth comb. When complete, add a finishing touch like our GLOW spray. Simply spray evenly over hair for a dramatic shimmer. Find out more: GLOW Super Shine Spray

8. Space Buns

Festivals are the time to embrace out-of-this-world trends, so it’s unsurprising that
space buns are everywhere. To achieve this style, split the hair into two opposite sections. Twist each section until the hair coils into a bun then secure with a hair tie and bobby pins. For an added effect, leave tendrils hanging down to beautifully shape your face. This look is perfect for day two hair which can be refreshed with dry shampoo before styling. Our dry shampoo removes excess oil from the hair, leaving tresses looking healthy with a light scent. Browse: Dry Shampoo

9. Bouncy Hair

Go big or go home! Make an impact with volume, which can boost your style and leave hair looking thick and enhanced. Start by using our AMPLIFY Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner, which cleanses hair in preparation to be lifted and adds a gloss. Follow this up with our UPLIFT Volumising Hair Mist for lasting volume that lasts for up to 48 hours. For those looking to go the extra mile, use a lightweight hair dryer to finalise the look. View our solution: HERØ Ionic Hairdryer

10. Bright Colour

Festivals are the optimum time to experiment with different colours. Whether you’re looking to go for neutral colours like blonde or brunette or something brighter like red or blue, festivals are a great place for a trial run. Talk to your professional colourist before your trip, referencing our Hair Colour Numbering System to find the best shade for you. We would recommend demi-permanent toner like GLAZE, or a semi-permanent colour like COLOUR REBOOST.


Take our festival hair ideas with you to put creativity into your style. Are you heading to a festival soon? Our travel size shampoo and hair products are a great companion. Browse our range today: Travel Size Minis