The bob is swiftly becoming the hairstyle of the season, with a variety of celebrities and fashion influencers, such as Hailey Bieber, Zendaya and Hollie Mercedes modelling the chin grazing chop.

The polished look is relatively easy to maintain but requires some low maintenance styling to keep your hair looking pin straight, frizz, and tangle free.

Whether you have fine or coarse hair, Laura Elliott, expert stylist and head of education here at Neäl & Wølf, has provided her top tips for styling the French bob haircut at home.

How to style the French bob

If your hair naturally dries straight and frizz-less, Laura says that little to no styling is required to achieve the polished look but suggests to “use a volumising shampoo to create a bit of bounce to the hair, and avoid heavy styling products, as this can cause the hair to look flat. Whilst the French bob is super sleek, it still has shape and volume.”

If you do have flat or fine hair, she suggests using a weightless smoothing product within your hair routine, such as the GLOW Super Shine Spray. “This will give your hair an intense shine and smoothing effect to banish frizz, without feeling heavy on the hair.”

GLOW Super Shine Spray

Laura adds, “I would also avoid rough towel drying the hair after washing to minimise tangles. Instead, wrap hair in a soft hair towel wrap ready for products such as a rapid blow dry mist to reduce the amount of time heat is applied and to further reduce frizz and fly aways.”

MIRACLE Rapid Blow-dry Mist

For those with coarse hair who are looking to achieve this season’s stylish bob, Laura advises to avoid hot tools and long hot showers, as these are a recipe for frizz. Instead, she says to “finish rinsing your hair with cold water in the shower, then take your time with your blow dry and use a cooler heat. Take a round brush beneath sections of the hair to create the salon-fresh look. I would also advise to apply a smoothing blow dry balm to coarser hair to give extra hydration and minimise that frizz that the French bob lacks.”

SILK Smoothing Blow-dry Balm

Textured French bob

If you are wanting to create flicks at the end of your hair or add a bit more dimension to your French bob, hot tools can be used, but with caution, according to Laura. She explains “use as low of a heat as possible. Ideally, you want to be straightening and styling with 170 degrees Celsius.”

To keep your French bob as sleek as possible in between washes, Laura adds that you should “try use a silk pillowcase which will help maintain as much of your styling without tangles. Then, before you head out for the day, apply product to your hair and wrap the hair into a loose bun or braid which once removed will add texture and depth to your bob.”

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