Stress-busting hand reflexology on-the-go

Neal & Wolf Elysian Reflexology Hand Chart Guide


Did you know your hands are packed with reflex points that can be easily stimulated to relieve common symptoms of a hectic lifestyle, such as headaches, shoulder tension and repetitive strain? Incorporating a blend of calming aromas into your quick-fix hand reflexology session can give you an overall stress busting and altogether calming result in less than 10 minutes‚ a perfect lunch break remedy. Here's how:


1. Sit comfortably in a quiet spot - you can do this discreetly at your desk, at a coffee shop - anywhere.

2. Enter a state of relaxation by smoothing your hands with Neal & Wolf's ELYSIAN Hand & Body lotion - its orange blossom & white thyme aromas quiet the mind and ease tension.

3. Rub the cream into your hands until completely absorbed to relax them and increase flexibility in preparation for applying reflexology.

4. Close your eyes and focus on the areas in your body you feel tension or discomfort.

5. Find the points of reflection that correspond to the areas of your body you want to ease on the hand reflexology map. For example, if you have pain in your left shoulder, the point of reflection is located on the little finger of the left hand.

6. Firmly press that reflex point. Gradually increase the pressure to make sure you're activating the reflex.

7. Hold the pressure for 30 seconds; breathe in the soothing ELYSIAN scent, then release. Wait a few seconds and repeat several times.

8. Finish by drinking some cleansing water to drain toxins.

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