Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.40.00 Lots of us have given the lob a try. Inspired by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Victoria Beckham, and Selena Gomez, we gave up our great lengths for the collarbone-length cut that presented an irresistible combination of simplicity and versatility. Now we're already itching to try something new, but once you've embraced the lob, what's next? Added Layers Whether you decide to keep your lob or grow it out, adding layers will provide texture, movement, and allure. Hair that's all one length can be too heavy and overwhelm your face. Slightly messy waves will add a casual sexiness that prevents your new style from making you look too preppy. If you're a dirty blonde or light brunette, the effect is especially romantic. The Immortal Fringe Nothing cures a major case of hair ennui like a freshly cut fringe. For maximum impact, cut your fringe directly above your eyebrows. The look will be sharper and more impressive and even better, it remains strong whether you keep your lob, grow it out, or snip it short. Just be sure that your eyebrows are impeccably groomed, as the fringe will draw attention to them. For extra oomph, change your hair colour to bright blonde or deep brunette, as the effect will be more dramatic. Cut Like a Boy There's something daring and sexy about girls who adopt a boy cut. It's also romantic, especially asymmetrical cuts and shorter curls that look so appealing on male performers. When a girl does her own take on ‘boy hair', the result is both mischievous and hot. Do the Twist If you've got a full head of curls, cutting off some length and styling the rest into individual braids or twisted locks will stamp you as fun, daring, and creative. We've asked a lot of guys and they agree: quirky curls are a head-turner.

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