Men's date night hair

Preparing for a date night doesn't have to be a drama. You can spend a little extra time getting your hair in order and see impressive results in the mirror. Your date will be sure to appreciate the effort. Don't think this is only for first dates, either. Long term partners can be even more impressed by a freshened up look for a special night out. Here are some of our go-to tips for styling men's date night hair. Tousled, relaxed look This works well if you have a little bit of length or have a preference for hats. Taking a relaxed attitude to your style means you can run your fingers through it without worrying about a hair being out of place. That doesn't mean your off the hook for styling efforts though. Add a touch of Define to your hair and work it through. It'll loosely hold your hair in place and add a touch of moisture and shine. Hold it in place On the other hand, if you have a preferred style that needs some hold to maintain, try working in a little Design Pomade. It will give you a classy slicked back style that won't budge. Design is perfect for classic styles and windy picnics. Short on time If you're a little short on time but still want to impress, keep a bottle of Complete 3-in-1 Shower Gel handy. This versatile all over body wash will leave your hair smelling fresh and looking very touchable thanks to the added proteins and shea butter. Your skin will feel amazing, too. Shorter styles Even men with shorter cuts can benefit from adding a product to their date night hair routine. Use a sparing amount of Shape to add definition to your style, along with understated shine and soft-touch finish. Use it to create a little bit of lift, texture or even volume, depending on the length.

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