TikTok has become a guru for beauty advice and hair inspiration. The newest hair hack has been revealed as the ‘ponytail blowout’ and fans of beauty Tok are obsessed with 68k views for #ponytail blowout.

Although TikTok gives great beauty advice, expert Laura Elliott, head stylist and educator here at Neäl & Wølf weighs in on the latest trend and has shared her industry expertise on how to achieve the bouncy ponytail blowout.

Ponytail Blowout Hack

Here’s a step by step on how to achieve the ponytail blowout:

  1. A blowout always looks best on second day hair when hair is less soft, you want a bit of texture to make sure your blowout holds.
  2. Apply Neäl & Wølf’s Enhance Volumising Mousse all over your hair, this will help to create maximum lift and a long-lasting, high volume finish.
  3. Section your bangs away from the rest of your hair and then put the remaining hair into a super high ponytail, secure with a silk or satin scrunchie to avoid creasing.
  4. Then you can begin curling the hair, a lot of the viral TikTok videos use a Dyson air wrap but a curling wand or iron works perfectly too.
  5. Start curling in sections and once curled roll the hair under the roller to let the hair form into a certain shape, this will also help to create texture.
  6. Once you have curled all the hair in the ponytail, do the same with your bangs and remember to roll the hair under the roller for maximum volume.
  7. Leave the rollers to set for about 15 minutes but the longer you leave it, the longer the look will last.
  8. Remove all the rollers and scrunchies to reveal the voluminous blowout and finish with a texturising spray to secure the look.

The blowout is a classic style that looks great on anyone but for the best result you want lots of layers, particularly face framing layers. The layered look such as the butterfly cut creates the illusion of fuller, healthier hair without sacrificing length, having these layers creates volume and dimension perfect for the blowout.

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