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Living in a world where product choices for your hair is endless, it can be difficult to truly understand what type of product is best suited to your hair. Nowadays, the high street has an abundance of lotions and potions all tailored to specific hair types, but with this sea of hair products only making us more inclined to love our hair even more, could we be splurging on products that in fact, aren’t helping our hair at all?

To keep your hair feeling and looking at its healthiest, we’ve put together a guide to make sure you’re using the right products for your hair type!

Fine and Straight

Hair without volume is an unfortunate twist of fate. However, luckily, there are products out there specifically created to give limp and lifeless hair the boost it needs. Thickening shampoo and conditioner should be your first port of call. Amplify contains a unique blend of panthenol, silk, milk and wheat proteins to significantly enhance volume. For that extra va-va-voom, Enhance volumising moose offers a long-lasting durable hold to your hairdo.

Thick and Straight

If this is your hair type, then you’re truly blessed… you can pull off almost any style! Shampooing and conditioning with Harmony will keep your hair silky soft, and a drop of Velvet nourishing hair oil will provide a healthy glow. To maintain your chosen hair style, Elevate volumising lotion will keep your hair thicker and stronger, completing your look with a glossy hold. 

Kinky and Coiled

The envy of so many of us… tight curls can cost a fortune to achieve! To manage your envious curly locks, Ritual shampoo and conditioner has been specially designed to detangle knots and leave your hair full of its natural volume but with a weightless feel. For extra manageability, comb through the conditioner and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing. Smooth out those kinks even more with our smoothing blow-dry balm, Silk, applied to towel dried hair to achieve sleek and straight styles.   

Curly and Wavy

For this hair style, your biggest enemy is frizz! Fight the frizz with Harmony intensive shampoo and conditioner, guaranteed to leave hair smooth and full of shine. If your hair is prone to frizz, massage the conditioner through wet hair and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing. For styling, Velvet’s blend of natural oils will transform unruly locks into smooth and nourished hair.

How did you get on with our product guide to managing your hair type? Tag us @nealandwolf and share your experience!


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    Posted by Linda Margerison on

    I have curly hair that is prone to being frizzy but it is also coloured blonde and brown so what shampoo and conditioner and other products should i use please.

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    Posted by Neal & Wolf on

    Hi Linda
    Our Harmony range is perfect for fighting frizz and is great for curly hair. If your hair is coloured blonde too alternate with our Harmony range with our Blonde purple shampoo and conditioner to keep brassy tones at bay.

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