Are you using the right products for your hair? It can be a minefield figuring out how to properly care for your hair, from taming frizz to detangling tresses. For those struggling with their haircare routine follow our Neäl & Wølf guide below to find the best products to use on your hair and what things to avoid. When creating the right haircare routine for you, firstly establish what your hair type is whether this is coarse hair or fine hair, knowing your hair type is the first step to achieving healthy and happy tresses...

Fine Hair

Fine hair is not to be confused with thin hair. With fine hair the individual hair strands are thin and hard to feel between your fingers, your hair may appear fluffy when freshly washed and it may become greasy very quickly after washing. We recommend using Amplify Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner for the ultimate lift and noticeably thicker feeling hair. Before drying, incorporate our Uplift Volumising Hair Mist into your routine which will significantly enhance volume. A unique blend of panthenol and silk proteins creates a strong long-lasting but flexible hold for a gorgeous glossy finish even in high humidity. Spray generously all over clean, towel-dried hair before blow-drying.

Dry Shampoo can be really useful for fine hair, adding volume at the roots and extending the time between washes. Our top tip for using dry shampoo on fine hair is to apply it on clean hair to prolong the results and opt for one without a white cast to avoid damage when rubbing it into the scalp.

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hair routine for fine hair

Medium Hair

Medium hair is considered to be somewhere in between coarse and fine hair. If your hair is visible, not hard to feel between fingertips, appears full and holds styles well, you have medium hair texture.

Start your routine by using sulphate free products in your haircare routine, and start with a refreshing shampoo like our Daily Cleansing Shampoo which is designed to cleanse the hair leaving it full of shine. The best conditioner for medium hair is one that is lightweight and won’t be too heavy on the hair as this could risk weighing the strands down and making it look dull. We recommend pairing the Daily Cleansing Shampoo with our Daily Conditioner which is a weightless conditioner that instantly detangles, leaving hair wonderfully smooth and ready for styling.

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perfect routine for medium hair

Coarse Hair

Wondering if you have coarse hair? Coarse hair is thick and can feel slightly rough when rubbed in between fingertips. It can be known to be dry, frizzy and stubborn when styling so focus your haircare routine around moisturising products that hydrate and smooth the strands.

To replenish coarse hair it is important to incorporate a nourishing hair oil into your routine like our Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil. Apply a small amount of oil to clean, damp hair and concentrate on the ends where the hair lacks the most moisture. It’s a good idea to leave this on for an hour and then wash off with a gentle shampoo, we recommend Harmony Intensive Care Shampoo which has been specifically designed to help treat damaged and dry hair.

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perfect routine for course hair
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