Did you know… it’s just as fun to be a brunette in summer as it is to be a blonde! Warm up your hair this summer with rich chocolate highlights or a cool mahogany mane with… yes, you’ve guessed it, our new Colour range! To help you along the way to creating beautiful brunettes, we have a few suggestions for making the process a little more efficient and effective.

The first thing that you should do which will massively help is to ask your client during the consultation to create a mood board for when they return for their colour. This will give you an indication of the exact shade of brunette they would like to achieve. You can then assess the condition of the hair, looking at the hair’s natural depth, % of white hair, texture, porosity, density and previous colour, to ultimately understand which products and at what strength they should be applied.

Currently, there are two types of brunettes that have been very popular from our Colour range. The first is Bitter Chocolate, created by mixing 5.77 and 0.81, and Black Forest Gateau, made my putting together two parts of 5.78 and 1 part 55.22.

For aftercare, this may come as a bit of a surprise, but our Blonde Shampoo isn’t only excellent on fair heads, but in fact all hair types with colouring! You can go the extra mile for long-lasting colour by using this shampoo alongside Harmony Intensive Care Treatment, which deeply nourishes and moisturises your hair, essential for retaining colour!

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