On the 1st of March Salon Promotions unveiled the Salon Promotions Academy for current and potential Neal & Wolf salons. Fitted out with all of the necessary tools and equipment, the Salon Promotions Academy has been specially designed to offer exceptional practical and theoretical insight into our colouring product range, to ensure that salons are confident, inspired and motivated to create stunning results for their clients.

The Neal & Wolf social media team were recently lucky enough to experience the academy for themselves, sitting in on the Fundamental Colour course!

The Fundamental Colour course is exclusively designed for those new to the industry or recently converted to Neal & Wolf products. On the day, we sat amongst salon teams who were being exposed to our Professional Colour for the very first time. Professional Colour hit salons in across the country in January and has been blowing expectations out of the water, since, and during our day at the Salon Promotions Academy, we learnt all of the techniques for ensuring clients of Colour are left with exceptional results!

To begin, a member of the Salon Promotions team discussed the essential topics to cover when giving your client a colour consultation; consulting your client; natural depth, % of white hair, texture, porosity, density, previous colour and target shade. Following this, we were introduced to a member of the Salon Promotions team who volunteered to have her hair coloured using the Colour range, throughout the day so that we could listen and learn step by step how to achieve beautiful babylights with Colour.

Afterwards, we learnt about the very useful numbering system, which allows you to (based on hair depth and tone) come to an educated decision on hair colour. Once we established the hair colour of the volunteer, we then learn about the different layers within the structure of a hair follicle. The purpose of this was to show us what layers of the hair are optimum for retaining colour, shine and texture, but ultimately to assess the general health of the hair. We then delved into the two types of white hair, and how each impact the retention of colour.

Towards the end of the day, it became all about Colour! We began playing around with different colours in a mixology class, which helped us to understand how to achieve specific colours and tones, but also how to neutralise them too. We were then introduced to the lightening curve, a key tool for colourists to see what undertones need to be replaced in order to achieve the perfect colour.

We finished our day on the Fundamental Colour course by learning about what measures to take for the ultimate hair TLC. We were then shown the product portfolio for achieving colour, but also what products to apply to ensure long-lasting vibrancy.

Do you have plans to attend one of our education courses at the Salon Promotions Academy? Don’t forget to share your experience with us by tagging @nealandwolf!


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    Posted by Tina Holland on

    I want to attend one of your courses. Please send me some details. Regards Tina

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    Posted by Neal & Wolf on

    Hi Tina if you’re a hair care professional, stylist or salon owner please get in touch with our distributor Salon Promotions LTD for further training information


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