Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 10.41.51 2017 saw some huge changes on the celebrity hair style front. We've reflected on the year that was, and chosen our top 8 transformations.   Beyonc√©   A true force to be reckoned with, Bey swapped out her long ponytail for a bold new bob. It's blunt, it's got plenty of volume, and celebrates her natural waves while still looking silky. We love it.   Ariana Grande   The pop starlet was usually seen sporting a natural brunette half up-do, but no longer. She's taken the grey trend to a new level, adding a touch of lilac to freshen it up and a dash of hair oil to keep it healthy.   Pippa Middleton   Pippa went for a slightly subtler update, trading her long loose locks for a fresh and choppy lob. It's also a few tones lighter - masterfully done to give a natural, sun-kissed look.   Ciara   After the birth of her new bub, Ciara said goodbye to silky straight blonde ombre and hello to waist-length dreads.   Paris Hilton   We almost didn't recognise Paris' new look. Her signature blonde hair has been updated with a rich brunette that we think adds depth and elegance to her look.   Olivia Wilde   Another leading lady has left the long silky brunette club for new horizons. In this case, Olivia updated to a blunt black bob for an upcoming movie role.   Cara Delevigne   An ice blonde bob with blunt ends and a bold wave has been traded for a choppy pixie cut that's really freshened up her style. Using a small amount of hair oil can keep a short look like this textured, or lay it down smoothly - so versatile.   Kristen Stewart   Probably the most iconic change of 2017, Kristen dramatically swapped from her Twilight era brunette to a shocking bleached buzz cut. Short hair has been trending ever since.