valerie-elash © Valerie Elash Flowers are tiny perfect heralds of warmer weather and playful days. There are so many ways you can weave a touch of summer delight into your hair, and there's no reason to limit the look to summer weddings, either. Work with fresh or faux flowers to get the look you want. A quick tip before we begin: if you use fresh flowers, only add them once your hair is perfectly set and styled, including hairspray. If you spray fresh petals they'll wilt. Here are 4 hairstyles you can wear with fresh flowers for summer. Loose waves Wear your hair in generous loose waves for a summer beach look. Pin one or two of the curls back to one side and tuck a flower into the pin. This works well with longer bangs, too. Flower crown crown The flower crown is probably the most well-recognised summer hairstyle with flowers. It's delightful because it works so well with almost any length hair. You can weave your own or purchase one. Flower crowns are flattering and can be distracting if you haven't had time to rejuvenate your hair after a day at the beach. Side braid loose-curl-with-flowers This can work two ways. If you side braid from the nape of your neck, you can plait a string of flowers through to the end. If you add a lot of volume and braid from the forehead and down the side, pin single delicate blooms along the length of the braid. A final flower can be used to hide any ties, too. Braids and buns braid-bun If you want to keep your hair up and out of the way but still want to show a touch of playfulness, combine braids and buns together. Use a moisturising and rejuvenating hair care routine to keep your locks looking healthy in the summer These can be presented in a sleek and neutral way, but they can also be styled loosely with plenty of texture. Flowers can be tucked into the bun or wrapped around where the bun meets the flat of the scalp. This is another style that will save you after being out and about all day in the heat.

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