Packed with specially selected ingredients, ELEVATE has been created to eliminate all those annoying hairstyling woes, such as lack of texture, shine and manageability. Providing your hair with a burst of hydration and nourishing elements, with ELEVATE you can say farewell to limp locks and welcome fuller and stronger hair!

Offering control over your hair, ELEVATE is effective in creating a manageable mane, to be shaped in the hairstyle and design you desire. Furthermore, the composition of high-quality ingredients effectively reduces static for that additional measure of control and that finished sleek look.

Not only does ELEVATE enhance the manageability of your hair, it produces beautiful results from its conditioning properties, and leaves your hair with a spectacular glossy finish. For the best results, apply ELEVATE to damp hair shortly after towel driving. Then, blow-dry with a large round brush to achieve ultimate volume before styling.

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