Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 16.44.01 Wet-look hair is most definitely making something of a comeback. Over recent years, a whole host of celebrities have sported the style, whether on the red carpet or on the musical stage.   However, while the concept is simple, achieving and maintaining the look can be a little trickier. Firstly, it's important to state that using actual water is a definite mistake. The water will of course dry out, and the look will not be maintained.   The great thing about this look, is that it's suitable for almost any hair type.   Those looking to create natural waves from naturally curly hair can create a stunning take on the wet-look. Simply start with blow-drying the hair, before working some styling product through sections of hair. It is important to avoid using gel here, as water-based gels will simply create too much of a natural curl, and can turn the hair frizzy. Enough styling product should be used to totally coat the hair, before scrunching hand actions to easily create the waves.   When it comes to straight hair, a thicker ‚Äústyling product should be applied to weigh down the hair and create a sleek, stunning look. A great tip here is to coat the ends of straight hair in a water-based gel. This dries, and prevents stray hairs and fraying.   While the wet-hair look may not last any more than a day or night, we think it's perfect to create a sleek, sizzling look for that special occasion.   To make the style look its best try preparing your hair in the best possible way with Neal & Wolf cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner and finish using our great range of styling products. Take a look at our full range on our online store. With so little preparation, and being easy to wash out, this is a style that really doesn't take up too much time, and one that can be used by almost anyone, whatever their hair type or age.