Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.06.23   One thing you may have missed like us if you were busy caught up in all the busy Christmas shopping and party planning in December is the Victoria's Secret annual fashion show.   The event which takes place in the USA is a great spectacle with many great fashion looks to get inspiration from as well as the beautiful make up and hair on show.   Just a few of the highlights included an apperance from Taylor Swift who walked the catwalk singing and wearing a union jack inspired outfit with crown included. That apperance formed part of a larger Brit inspired section with union jack flags flying from the ceiling and a video montage of British icons such as the Queen, cups of tea, the Mini Cooper and red phone boxes playing on a giant screen.   Victoria's Secrets models were dressed in iconic British uniforms such as a 60's style police officer (a sexy version of course) a bowler hat and umbrella and a England football kit with number 10 on the back. A rain mac and some scottish tartan also make an apperance!   Other parts of the show featured a section called Shipwrecked which showed off beautiful beachwear. Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.06.32   The show is a lavish affair and has cost over $12 million dolars to produce in the past. This years show was no exception with the highlight a $10 million diamond-encrusted bra. Other large expenditure went on star name models such as Gisele B√ºndchen, Adriana Lima, and Cara Delevingne are paid as much as $1million annually by Victoria's Secrets.   The show received around 15 million American viewers with 65% of the audience women. The show will now be shown around the world on television in 192 countries over the next few months.   You can watch video highlights of the show in the video below.     (video embed code)

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