As the year draws to a close and a new one looms on the horizon the party season starts to kick into full swing. Even if you haven't made any plans as yet it is never too early to start considering your outfit and hairstyle. Whether you are attending a formal party event with work, or a taking a big night out at a fancy new year celebrations ball, or even taking the time off during the holidays to visit a swanky restaurant of theatre show then you are sure to want to look your best for the occasion. Aside from finding the perfect combination of chic clothing your hair is going to be an important consideration too. One of the most popular styles for these kind of events is the versatile updo which can deliver a more formal appearance, but is also flexible enough to add your own individual twist. Here we take a look at some of our favourite updo attempts by well known celebrities. Updo_1 Photographer Georges Biard Jessica Biel wears a swept back updo that looks elegant and leaves the face clear of any stray hair strands.   Updo_2 Photographer Alejandro Jennifer Connelly's updo features a low and flat side parting to add interest and frame the face. Updo_3 Photographer Catherine Bonarde Ucci Kate Beckinsale takes the swept back and high volume approach that adds a bolder more dramatic approach to the updo. Updo_4 Photographer Pinguino K Jamie King wears the updo with a volume side parting and plait   Updo_5   Photographer Jeff Balke Mary Elizabeth Winstead pairs the updo with a full fringe to frame the face with loose wispy strands to create a slightly more casual feel   Updo_6 Photographer Georges Biard Kylie Minogue creates a retro inspired updo by sweeping the hair upwards from the back and compliments the style with a swept fringe with added volume     For help creating your favourite style for the party season take a look at the Neal &Wolf online store, where we stock a range of luxurious shampoos, conditioners and styling products that will leave your hair looking it's glamourous best.

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