Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 16.21.34 Are you looking to buy the perfect Valentines Day gift for a loved one? If so the affordable yet luxurious range of Neal & Wolf haircare and styling products are an ideal place to start.   Our Shampoo and Conditioner gift sets include 3 different combinations to help treat different hair types and conditions. All 3 gift sets feature a generously sized 950ml Shampoo and 950ml Conditioner.   Repair & Replenish 950ml has been specially created to repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation.   Clean & Care 950ml is designed to cleanse the hair, leaving it fresh, full of shine and ready for styling.   Cleanse & Treat 950ml includes our Ritual Shampoo and Harmony Conditioner.   Click on the product name above to see more details and read our stylist tips for each product. Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 16.21.42 If beautiful hair is not what you're after for your partner, then we have some other stunning products too.   Our Indulgence Scented Candle delivers the ultimate relaxing scent bursting with mandarin and orange blossom until it melts to floral aromas of lily, ylang-ylang and orchid... and with a burn time of up to 45 hours this is a great gift that will last.   Another great home fragrance product is our first ever Neal & Wolf Calm Reed Diffuser. This product complements our Indulgence candle and they can make a great gift as a pair... Like the candle this diffuser will transform your home into a relaxing haven filled with notes of mandarin and orange blossom transforming into floral aromas of lily, ylang-ylang and orchid. Aura Fragrance is the first ever body and hair scent developed by Neal & Wolf and combines pure luxury with science.   The fragrance uses the stunning signature Neal & Wolf scent, which includes a delicate blend of blossom with the essences of white thyme and saffron combined together with floral aromas of lily, Ylang Ylang, orchid and vanilla.     Shop all our gift collection items here in our store.