Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 06.54.31 When planning your next hairstyle, it's natural to use celebrities as inspiration. They're literally on the cutting edge of what's trendy and hot, and, of course, it's their job to stay in the limelight. Besides, who doesn't want to look as fabulous Emma Watson or Kate Middleton? Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge recently gave in to the shorter hair craze and shortened her famous tresses by a good four inches. While still long, it's easier to dry and style, which is good news for stylish mums everywhere. Expertly trimmed ends also give fine hair the illusion of being healthier and thicker. Kate's ‘gringe' (grown-out fringe) is especially flattering because it softens the entire face and takes years off one's appearance. Emma Watson Harry Potter star Emma Watson recently debuted a much shorter hairdo. When she appeared at a London screening for the documentary The True Cost, her trendy new bob made the paparazzi cameras go crazy, and celebrity style watchers are saying this could be Emma's best look yet. The asymmetrical, textured bob, which grazes her chin, is both daring and playful. It's the perfect look for women who want shorter hair without appearing ultra-conservative. Rita Ora Fans of the X Factor have watched avidly as Rita Ora transformed her hairstyle each week. Wigs, weaves, and extensions created a different look for every episode, and the result has been so entertaining that it's easy to forget the singer has hair of her own. Recently Rita showed off her natural hair while going out to dinner with her sister. Platinum blonde and styled in a chic pixie cut, it gave her a bolder, edgier appearance. Her hairstylist recently revealed that Rita had been waiting for the right time to chop her hair. The time has apparently come, and given women everywhere the encouragement to try something really different. For luxurious styling take a look at the Neal & Wolf range, complete with shampoos, conditioners and a great selection of style enhancing products.

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