Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 09.15.58   Thinking about doing something new and interesting with your hair? Follow Bella Thorne's example; she recently dyed her hair dark blue. A bold, funky color, it looks simply gorgeous on her. She does have a history of trying out (and pulling off) daring hair colors, whether it's a bright red or even a dip dye of acid green. But as the times change, so must our hairstyles. With 2017 comes Thorne's brand new midnight blue! Thorne first showed off her hair on Snapchat, crediting her older sister, Dani, for helping her get the dye job done. Although it was done with a simple box dye, it's clear her sister is extremely skilled as there's even a subtle gradient to Thorne's hair - it starts as an inky black at her roots and slowly melts into a deep indigo. It looks like even her haircut has been switched up - no more long hair! Bella Thorne's hair is short and choppy now, with gorgeous waves that catch the light just right. According to Glamour, her new hairstyle suits her new hair color perfectly, even though it was a risky move taking so many inches off. Thorne seems pretty happy with her beautiful new hair, as she posted an excited video on Twitter soon after it was done. Her dark and glossy new hair has a sense of ‚Äúglamour goth‚Äù to it, and it's amazing how even after making such a dramatic change from her vivid red hair, she still looks gorgeous. Her fans seem to think so too - her tweet video received over 5,500 likes and 800 retweets, as well as extremely supportive replies from adoring fans. It seems everyone agrees her new hair is simply perfect. One caring fan tweeted her about how she looks stunning with any hair color, while some others just congratulated her for being so daring. What a fun and exciting look for Bella Thorne, as well as a huge change from her previous soft red hair with acid green tips. You can bet her next hair choice is going to be just as unique and beautiful, so stick around to see what it is!

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