Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 17.10.50 Ariana Grande's signature look is her long caramel brown hair tied up in a high ponytail atop her head. She's carried this look proudly (not to mention gorgeously) for the last 5 years or so. But it seems like a major hair makeover was due; on November 12th, Grande debuted her brand new platinum-blonde locks on Instagram. Although the colour of her hair has changed, her hairstyle still stands strong - tied up high in a half-ponytail. The question on everyone's mind while absorbing this brand new look of Grande's was: real or fake? While her new blonde tresses definitely looked real, the young singer (who's just released a new album this year called Dangerous Woman), captioned the photo: ‚ÄúBlonde (wig) ambition @chrisappleton1 ‚òïÔ∏è..... just for now ‚ô° #Faith @singmovie 👀🎬‚Äù indicating that her hair is actually fake. The pictures and videos on Ariana Grande's Snapchat story on November 12th revealed that her platinum-blonde hair was not going to last - it was only for one day while she shot a music video with Stevie Wonder. What a shame; Grande totally looked amazing as a blonde. Not to worry though, if you miss her blonde hair style, you'll get to catch it again when the music video for ‚ÄúFaith‚Äù - a duet between Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder for the upcoming animated movie ‚ÄúSing!‚Äù - releases. Those die-hard fans of Grande will know that she's rocked blonde hair before. In 2015, for the filming of a music video for her song ‚ÄúFocus‚Äù, her hair was a shade of platinum blonde so light, it was almost white, proving that the singer looks flawless in nearly every shade of blonde. Just to clear up any confusion about the issue, Ariana Grande posted another picture of her long (fake) blonde locks to Instagram, captioned ‚ÄúI'm not blonde ‚úå🏼Ô∏è🍂💡.‚Äù While still sticking to the classic high ponytail that we all associate her with, Grande has been taking her hairstyles up a notch by adding a fringe, crimping her ponytail, and now, even going blonde for the day. Basically, she's been switching up her ‚Äòdos perfectly and we can't wait to see what new, exciting hairstyle is going to be next!

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