5 Must-have Summer Products

Oh, summer. The season that promises beach breezes, sun kissed skin and unapologetic fun! Whilst many of us embrace the sun that summer brings, our hair might not be as forthcoming. This summer, we don’t want to stress out your tresses with the harshness of sun, sea and sand. So, we have put together our top pick of summer must-haves that will keep your hair shimmering through summer!

RITUAL daily cleansing shampoo

Specially designed to indulge and nourish your hair with its rich formula, RITUAL is a shampoo that you can enjoy every day. Its deeply cleansing properties boost moisture, radiance and manageability, all of which is lost during those hot and humid summer days.

HARMONY intensive care treatment

Pair our Ritual daily shampoo with our intensive conditioner HARMONY for truly spectacular results. Providing an injection of indulgent natural oils that complement the composition of your hair, Harmony has been created to repair and rejuvenate, making it the ultimate summer conditioner.

VELVET nourishing hair oil

Consisting of a blend of three natural oils; argan, avocado and jojoba, VELVET transforms rough, damaged unruly hair into gleaming healthy locks. Not only do these essential oils create a smooth texture full of shine, the oil also comprises of UV protection, so that you don’t have to worry about your hair baking in the summer heat!  

GUARD heat protection spray

Offering protection up to 220c, GUARD is the ultimate heat protection spray. Offering a film-form polymer, it shields cuticles from moisture loss during styling, keeping them soft and smooth. The rich oils that also make this heat protection spray so effective gives hair a glossy and vibrant finish – functional and stylish!

ELEVATE volumising lotion 

Let limp, dull locks be a thing of the past with our luxurious volumising lotion, ELEVATE. Its unique formula contains specially selected ingredients to aid in creating gorgeously fuller, shinier hair. For the most effective results, apply ELEVATE to dry hair, massaging it through the mid-length and ends.

That’s it, your summer’s sorted! If you’d like to find out what stunning summer hairstyles have been created using our summer must-have products, head over to our Instagram page.

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