When you think about the latest trends in hairstyling products, you're probably not thinking about mousse. That's a shame, because mousse is relied upon by professional stylists (and Instagram celebs) at photoshoots around the globe. It's never gone out of fashion with stylists, and there's a very good reason for that.   Here's the reason mousse is popular again: mousse has come a long way since the 80's. It used to give a very particular stiff and sticky look, which was perfect for the up-do blow dry styles of the day. These days, styles are all about waves, casual braids and tousled texture. Mousse has changed with the times as well. The formula can be used to enhance these styles without weighing down the hair or adding that particular 80s sheen.   Neal & Wolf Enhance Volumising Mousse because it adds volume and texture, but remains light in the hair. It's versatile enough that it can be used to tame frizzy curls, or add some subtle body to relaxed waves. Want to know how to get the best out of your mousse? Take a look at our mousse styling tips below.   Tips for using mousse   Modern mousse is all about reducing frizz and increasing volume. It's also a great on-the-go addition to late mornings. For a natural look,  

  • Start with towel-dry damp hair. Using a small amount of mousse, start at the ends and scrunch or squeeze it into your hair,
  • Comb your hands through your hair and leave it to air-dry. Use a diffuser on low heat if you need to dry it before leaving the house,
  • Wear your hair down, or work it into a loose, voluminous braid.
If you have frizzy curls that need reigning in, the process is almost identical. When your hair is damp, work some mousse through the curls to smooth the fly-aways, then air-dry. Your hair will look well put together without any crunchiness or weight dragging it down.   What else can we say? Mousse has done a lot of growing up, and we think it's a vastly underutilised option for adding authentic volume and texture that will hold - all while looking light and perfectly natural.

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