Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 09.08.43 Sometimes you've just got to stand above the competition. Creating volume is possible for almost anyone, no matter your hair type. You can amplify your favourite style - and just make it bigger! From the shortest pixie cut to longer locks - styles with a bit of extra oomph can take a cut from ‚Äòevery day' to ‚Äòglamourous celeb' in a flash.   Short and wavy updo   If you're looking to bring out your inner Marilyn Monroe, or just want to give your shorter style a boost, try adding some volume. Play around with set curlers and some adept blow drying to really deliver the look.   Brushed out waves   Add some volume next time you're letting your hair down. Work some Elevate Volumising Lotion into towel-dried hair, then work a blow dryer through it with a round brush to produce soft, voluminous waves. Run your fingers through the waves to break them up a bit if you're aiming for a more casual look. We love Beyonc√© for keeping this style fresh.   Turn it up do   A well-executed bouffant will never go out of style. You can amplify your look and reach new heights with some strategic backcombing and teasing, volumising and thickening lotion and perhaps a little artificial lift, as well. Curl the loose ends into a French knot, if you didn't already tuck them up to help with the height.   High and low   There's nothing wrong with wanting it all. This is one style that manages to look at home on the red carpet and more casual events. Get some volume happening at the front, as you would for a bouffant but a touch less height. Pull the hair back and pin it, leaving the rest of your hair loose. Add in as many curls or waves as you like here to create interest.   Layers   If you have a layered cut, it's very easy to amplify your style and get some extra body into your hair. Add Elevate volumising and thickening lotion to damp hair and then blow out. The layers will help to create volume without looking poufy. Add some movement and soft curls to your lengths, and you're ready for the catwalk. If you've got bangs, don't forget to touch them up as well. It can create an unbalanced look if you've created volume everywhere except your fringe!

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