It’s no secret that salons were among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis. In a flash, they were forced to shut their doors indefinitely, leaving many hairdressers and barbers without their main source of income for months on end.

Fast-forward over one year later, and salons have officially reopened, welcoming clients back with DIY ‘dos in need of a serious intervention. But as well as checking in for regular hair servicing, there are lots of other ways you can help your local salon get back on its feet. Check out some of our top ideas below.

Show the love

Liking or sharing your salon’s social media posts is one of the easiest ways you can support your local salon. One share alone can help posts reach people they otherwise wouldn’t have, helping to increase the salon’s clientele and subsequently expand their business. So, make sure you're following your favourite salon already, and next time they post on their social media account, why not show some love and give it a like or share?

Purchase hair products direct

Our hairdressers are always recommending new products for us to try, and often, we go home, think about it, and then make a purchase online. While this might be convenient for us, it’s not beneficial for your hairstylist, so why not purchase in a way that will benefit them as well? Next time they recommend a product for you to try, purchase it directly from them – they will love you for it!

Give credit for your hair transformation

These days, reviews are crucial to all business owners; it’s one of the first things people look for when trying to find a new hairstylist online. One good review can go a long way, and it can really help salon owners to increase their bookings. That said, we’re probably all guilty of forgetting to leave a good review when someone deserves it.

So remember: next time you leave your salon feeling a million dollars, spread some positive vibes and share your experience online. You can leave reviews on Facebook and Google for most businesses.

Buy a gift voucher

Ask yourself: how many times a year do you have an upcoming birthday with no idea what to gift them? Gift vouchers make last-minute present buying much easier. Gift vouchers help your salon’s cash flow and the recipient will get to choose a lovely hair-treat or service! Whether it’s for the value of ten pounds or fifty pounds, every little helps.

Book appointments in advance

Booking appointments in advance will keep your salon’s diary looking nice and full. You will also be helping your salon to forecast their cash flow and top up on stock to ensure your appointment runs smoothly. If, for whatever reason, you can no longer make your appointment, be sure to give your hairdresser as much notice as possible. That way, they can get another client booked in, because every lost appointment significantly impacts your salon’s bottom line.


The Neäl & Wølf Affiliate Program

Before purchasing your much-loved Neäl & Wølf haircare online, check to see if your salon is a Neäl & Wølf affiliate first. If it is, your salon can either provide you with a referral link or give you a unique code to use at the checkout. By doing so, they earn a percentage of your sale at no extra cost to you, so everyone’s a winner!

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